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Mon Tulfo Says He Has Already Forgiven Raymart And Claudine

Mon Tulfo has become a reformed man. That would be attributed to his active participation in a spiritual movement that is gaining popularity in the metro these days. Perhaps, this new found inkling for spirituality led the broadcast-journalist to finally move on after his involvement in a controversial brawl that happened at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in May 2012.

Part of that moving on is Tulfo’s assurance that he has already forgiven the now estranged couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto. In a rare conversation with some showbiz press, Tulfo revealed that he has learned to forgive the two despite the hurt he incurred in the controversial airport incident.

Wishing them well

Tulfo said he wishes both Raymart and Claudine well. He expressed his hopes that the estranged couple would find peace and would emerge as better persons after the controversies that they are now facing as an estranged couple.

He emphasized that he does not feel anger towards Raymart and Claudine now. He assured that he has completely washed anger from his heart. But he clarified that his raps against the two would not be pulled out of court. He is pursuing the case not because of revenge but because he wants to officially establish what really happened in that incident.

It can be recalled that the two camps had opposing claims about how that brawl started. Raymart and Claudine had been firm in their claim that it was Tulfo who started getting physical, while Tulfo logically dispelled that statement.

Case recap

In January this year, Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office dismissed Tulfo’s lawsuits against Claudine. Those included charges of grave coercion, attempted homicide, and oral defamation. The court dismissed the cases for lack of probable cause. In a way, the court stated that Claudine only reacted physically after she was hurt. Tulfo failed to submit any evidence that Claudine orally attacked him.

However, the court did not dismiss the case against Raymart. It recommended his indiction for charges of grave coercion and physical injuries. Also charged was his friend Eduardo Atilano, who inflicted injuries to Tulfo.

Back then, Raymart and Claudine issued a joint statement welcoming the court decision. No one thought that in a few months, they would be the ones fighting. Raymart reportedly left their conjugal house in February or March this year.

Tulfo brothers

The case had Tulfo’s three brothers involved. The three used their TV5 program ‘T3 to get back at the couple during the height of the airport controversy. Raymart and Claudine also filed charges against the three. The TV program was also suspended due to the outburst of emotions they uttered in one of the episodes of the show, aired in May last year.

It is not clear if the three other Tulfo brothers have also forgiven Raymart and Claudine. But for now, it is clear that the estranged couple is yet to forgive all of the Tulfos. Can Raymart and Claudine now have a change of heart? They still have pending charges against Mon Tulfo regarding that brawl.

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Mon Tulfo Says He Has Already Forgiven Raymart and Claudine

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