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Life Goes On For Christian Bautista After His Breakup With Ex-Girlfriend Carla Dunareanu

Christian Bautista learned that moving on from his breakup with ex-girlfriend Carla Dunareanu is easy enough since he has faith that God will not let him be and his family was always there to support him through the trying times.

He said there's no need to burn bridges and cut off communication with anyone when one is going through a breakup. The most important people in his life were the people who supported him through the times he was feeling down. Bautista also said he learned to stay positive despite the situation, and that he looked for reasons to believe that life, eventually, will go on.

Bautista didn't enter the showbiz industry until after he already finished college. He experienced the "normal life," he added, and that what made him different from other artists. His family grounded him and never let him forget his roots.

The singer refused to reveal the real reason why they broke up. He said he wants to keep his personal life private for now. And although he understands the public will want to know why they needed to part ways, the singer appealed to let him take his own sweet time in coming out with the truth.

Bautista urged the public to just respect his need for privacy right now, and to give him space when it comes to his personal life.

Rumors said the two broke up because Dunareanu was jealous with Bautista's ex-girlfriend Rachelle Anne Go, who he spends time with in "Sunday All Stars." He clarified they remained friends even after they broke up years ago, and they have already gotten used to the teasing among their friends.

However, this is not the reason why he and Dunareanu broke up. He maintained good relations with the former "Champions"--Erik Santos, Sarah Geronimo and Mark Bautista. Go is also part of that group.

When the breakup happened, Go was in Papua New Guinea for a show, Bautista said. Another name that cropped up was Andrea Torres, his partner in "With A Smile." Bautista said it was natural for people to think there's something going on between him and Torres since they are currently working together.

For now, his focus is just his career and not his lovelife. This is something that Dunareanu seconded. She said the singer wants to prioritize his career.

"I’m just really focusing on my work and sana magawa ko ang lahat responsibilities ko."

Bautista is currently doing several shows--the musical "Cinderella," "With A Smile" and "Sunday All Stars."

The singer recently won in the 2013 MCJim Classic Elan Awards as the Modern Filipino Gentleman. Other nominees were personalities from showbiz, politics, music and the business sector. Bautista thanked his fans for supporting him and for going online to vote for him.

He won P100,000 in prize. Proceeds will go to World Vision, Bautista's chosen charity. He thanked the fans for not only helping him, but helping the foundation as well.

"So I’m not getting this money for myself but we gonna give it back to my fans, they wanna help some more. That’s the goal naman of this, so I’m very thankful for this award.”

Asked what it means to be the modern Filipino gentleman, Bautista has this to say: “The essence of being a gentleman is being available to your fellowmen, loving them more than yourself. What is a gentleman? He makes mistake but he bounces back. He doesn’t dwell on it."

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Life Goes On For Christian Bautista After His Breakup With Ex-Girlfriend Carla Dunareanu

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