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Why LJ Reyes Refuses To Talk About Breakup With Paulo Avelino

For quite some time, LJ Reyes has been avoiding questions from showbiz press about her recent breakup with Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino. She has always been putting up a happy front to make it appear that she is not affected by the personal issues she has been facing lately. That was why some skeptics even doubt if the two of them really parted ways.

But LJ did not have to confirm it. Her most recent chat with selected members of showbiz reporters could be enough as confirmation of their recent breakup. Why is LJ putting up the cheerful front? Why does it look like she is not affected about the breakup? Why is she not speaking up?

Not asking for sympathy

LJ declared that she is not seeking sympathy from the public. That is her way of protecting the image of her former boyfriend. She understands that whatever she says, it would always fire back at Paulo, whether her words are good and bad. She did not directly say but there is an implication in her words and gestures that she also does not want to be accused of using Paulo and the breakup as a way to generate publicity for her dismal showbiz career.

Asked what she would feel if Paulo would have a new girlfriend, LJ just giggled. In jest, she asked the press to ask her when the time comes. This was quite intriguing. Some observers think that LJ is having some confidence that Paulo would not fall in love with another woman yet.

Talking about son

It is a common knowledge in show business that LJ and Paulo have a 3-year-old son. This, according to sources, could be the root of the problem that ruined their relationship. According to reports, LJ felt bad that Paulo seems to be not proud about having a baby with her. In many instances, Paulo has declined to comment about the child. One time, he even gave the attitude after a reporter asked him about his child with LJ.

According to reporters, Paulo and his manager has a directive to the showbiz press not to ask anything about his son with LJ whenever there are press conferences. Since this speculation erupted, Paulo also seemed to have been elusive and aloof whenever there is a showbiz reporter around.

Hurt by his silence

Is LJ hurt by the way Paulo turns elusive when it comes to issues about their son? LJ may be the type of girlfriend who would always understand that Paulo has a career to protect. But now, it seems that she has really been affected by this issue. She warned the press not to pursue the topic because she might lose her composure.

But LJ insinuated that she is constantly communicating with her ex-boyfriend. She clarified that they still talk because they have especially when they are discussing matters involving their son. She refused to comment on reports that Paulo is having a hard time dealing with the breakup now. According to reports, Paulo has asked ABS-CBN to give him a short break while he recuperates from his heartache.

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Why LJ Reyes Refuses to Talk about Breakup with Paulo Avelino

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