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Miss World Philippines Reveals Glitches On The Recent Telecast On GMA-7

In case you were among those beauty pageant enthusiasts who were very disappointed with the television broadcast of Miss World Philippines last Sunday, August 18, you deserve some explanation. Many televiewers complained to GMA-7 about the very delayed telecast.

The pageant telecast started around 10 p.m. after ‘Imbestigador.’ Would you believe that it took until 2 a.m. for the entire coverage to get finished? No, the pageant program was not that long. It was also not loaded with lots of commercials.

What many televiewers do not know until now is that there was a technical glitch during that broadcast. That explains why GMA-7 had to rerun its home plugs and program teasers over and over again until the TV audiences got totally annoyed.

Typhoon Maring

Would anyone believe that the disappointing telecast with annoying glitches is being blamed to typhoon Maring? Yes, the southwest monsoon brought about by the typhoon started pouring rain in the metro last Sunday night. It could have been the reason behind the glitches on the TV airing of the pageant.

According to Arnold Vegafria, vice president of Miss World Philippines and producer of the coronation night, there was a problem with GMA-7’s satellite equipment. It was the first time for the network to broadcast from the newly constructed Solaire Hotel near Mall of Asia.

Apparently, the satellite equipment would not function properly because of the bad weather in the area. There could have been other technical glitches that prevented beaming the program from the pageant’s venue.

Transmitting video

That was why as a last resort, the network and the organizers of Miss World Philippines agreed to record the video of the pageant in each segment before commercial break. During the break, the video had to be rushed to GMA Network Studios in Quezon City.

Vegafria disclosed that sending a copy of the video through email would not have worked because the file was too large. Another problem surfaced. The network’s vehicles would hardly pass by certain parts of EDSA due to heavy rains and some flooding in specific areas. Thus, they had to hire motorcycle riders to carry the copies of videos from Solaire to GMA Network.

That explains why the network had to play its teasers and home plugs over and over again. The network had no choice but to do so as they await the arrival of the videos fresh from Pasay City.

Replay telecast

But Vegafria revealed good news to all beauty contest fans out there. According to him, GMA-7 has decided to replay the pageant broadcast for those who simply turned off their TV sets out of annoyance last Sunday. However, there is no schedule yet for this rerun but it would more likely be this weekend.

Miss World Philippines was aired last Sunday on GMA-7. The crown was won by Megan Young, a Starstruck Season 2 Avenger. The recent pageant, which was the third of its present organizer, marked the return of Miss World Philippines to GMA-7 after being aired over TV5 last year.

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Miss World Philippines Reveals Glitches on the Recent Telecast on GMA-7

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