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Gretchen Barretto Gets Into Word War With "Claudine Barretto"

Shortly before Gretchen Barretto set her Instagram account on private, she was involved in a heated word war with a username she believed to be her younger sister Claudine Barretto.

The heated exchange started when Gretchen posted a photo of her and partner Tonyboy Cojuangco. She captioned the photo: "My tony, aww he loves me."

A certain @marjoriekabit commented that Gretchen is pathetic, and questioned why Marjorie, another Barretto sister, couldn't work to send her daughter to school.

Gretchen answered back , saying that @marjoriekabit was more pathetic for spending so much time delving into the issues of others. She also said that she hopes that account holder can just take care of her two kids and find time to get the mental help she needs.

She also asked, "Why don’t you meet with Atty. Topacio?" Ferdinand Topacio is the legal counsel of Claudine.

After that, @marjoriekabit retorted: "I will never get envious with your life. I’m contented with my life. I don’t wanna be a mistress just to have a luxurios life."

"Sending Claudia in bsm is a surprise because I know marj doesn’t have enough money for the tuition there knowing that she doesn’t have a stable job. Unless she has a new sugar daddy. If you know what I mean."

Claudia is the daughter of Marjorie with actor Dennis Padilla.

Gretchen then asked if @marjoriekabit is "high" again. She said that the person doesn't have a luxurious life because she pushed and fought everyone in ABS-CBN, Claudine's mother network. "You are playing holy when everyone knows all your politician boyfriends left you the minute they found out about your drug use & mental problem."

The elder Barretto also said Marjorie has businesses, so she can afford to send her daughters to school. @marjoriekabit said the capital of Marjorie's businesses came from the Cojuangcos. In fact, she added that Gretchen's daughter, Dominique, called Marjorie's family parasites and dependents.

She also answered Gretchen's accusations that Claudine's husband, Raymart Santiago, already filed an annulment against her. To this, the username holder answered: "At least I’m still married. How about you? Are you contented with being called a mistress and Dom being an illegitimate child?"

Gretchen said she is contented even of Cojuangco couldn't marry her. He stood by her all through the 19 years of their partnership, and Dominique meant the world to both of them.

"You are married only until the annulment is granted. Your husband is not with you. What Tony has done for me, no married woman will ever experience."

She also said she doesn't need the Cojuangcos' money. Gretchen expressed that she has a career and that she regularly pays taxes. "Claudine" then questioned why Gretchen is supporting Marjorie and her family. Gretchen said she doesn't have the time to argue with a "mentally ill and drug addict."

Someone asked Gretchen why she is assuming that it was Claudine who was posting those messages when it was very easy to just make a dummy account. She said that back when she was still on speaking terms with Claudine, her sister also threw such allegations at her. She also threatened Gretchen and Marjorie that she will expose these things to the public.

Although Gretchen doesn't want to fight back and set a good example to her daughter, she said there comes a time when you have to put a stop to the bashing and the angry comments. She added that no one is angry at her, Dominique, Marjorie and her children as much as Claudine.

"We refuse to take her insults & even hurt our children. Enough is enough when mocking goes beyond limit."

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Gretchen Barretto Gets Into Word War With

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