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Marjorie Barretto Denies Being A Social Climber

Marjorie Barretto said she is not a social climber and that she's the one paying for her children's tuition fees.

She also refuted reports that her daughter Claudia attends the British School Manila in The Fort. She added that other people should not criticize where she sends her children.

The rumors started when netizens saw Claudia, Marjorie and Gretchen having a late lunch on August 16. Claudia was wearing a school uniform. One Instagram user by the username of @kimchiupanget said she is studying at the British School Manila and that Tony Boy Cojuangco, Gretchen's partner, is the one paying for her tuition fee.

The fee to attend BSM is almost half a million.

Marjorie couldn't help but react to these comments. She denied that it was Cojuangco who was paying for Claudie's tuition fee. She added that if she's ever sending her to BSM, who are the netizens to judge how she pays for it as long as she's not taking the money from them.

She also explained her so-called high society lifestyle. Marjorie said the pictures she posted on Instagram are those of her real friends and although they may seem "sosyal," they are all hardworking and very kind people.

Two other Instagram users criticized Marjorie for posting a group photo at a social event even though Metro Manila was at a standstill because of Tropical Storm Maring and the southwest monsoon.

Marjorie is a councilor in Caloocan City.

She answered back by saying that the photo was a late post and that she has been up and helping people who were affected by the flood. She also said that they have no right to judge her since she has been praying all night and she's starting the donations.

"What about you? Are you praying? Are you preparing goods for donations? Or are you simply looking thru Instagram pages simply to insult people. Instead of looking at my photos and everyone else’s, get up and help people. Sad!”

She advised people to stop judging her and making baseless comments. With her tone, Marjorie may have an idea who was behind the Instagram account. She asked the person if she made another account just to bash her.

Marjorie may be pointing at her younger sister Claudine as the one behind the comments. She and Claudine had a falling out when she sided with Gretchen on their family feud.

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Marjorie Barretto Denies Being A Social Climber

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