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Claudine Barretto Airs Grievances Against Raymart Santiago's Family

Claudine Barretto finally answered questions about the case she filed against estranged husband Raymart Santiago. In fact, during a press conference, she even lashed at her husband's family.

The press was invited by Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, Barretto's legal counsel. Her other lawyer, Atty. Ginger Castillo was also beside her during the press conference.

From the start, it was obvious that the actress was trying to keep her composure despite the cases she and Santiago filed against each other. Barretto accused Santiago of violating RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Act Against Women and their Children. The actor, on the other hand, filed a habeas corpus case to get custody of their children--Sabina and Santino.

Barretto said she was able to stay calm and collected because of the support of her family and friends. She added it was a while before she came into terms with what's happening in her life now, but she is determined to fight for her rights.

Amid all of these, she is also trying to be a good mother to her children. They are her inspiration, the actress said, adding that she draws strength from Sabina and Santino.

This year has been challenging for Barretto, she said. Aside from separating from her husband of 11 years, she was also involved in a nasty feud with sisters Gretchen and Marjorie. In fact, just recently, Gretchen and Marjorie accused Claudine of creating a fake Instagram account just to spread rumors about them.

Asked about her children and how they were coping, Barretto said she tries as much as she can to explain the situation to her children. At first, they also miss their father but after a while, they have already gotten used to the situation.

She got a child psychologist for the children to help her better understand how she can explain the situation to them. In time, she hopes Sabina and Santino can know it is for their own good that she fought against their father.

The actress also explained to her children that they can surpass the challenges as a family and the time will come when everything will be okay again.

Her lawyers then explained that court mediation is possible with the habeas corpus case. But with the temporary protection order, this is not possible. This means that the two can talk about custody, visitation rights and support before they enter into trial. The judge would most likely advise them to talk between themselves with regards to the custody of the children.

When asked if she's open to mediation, Barretto said she may have to think about it especially since the children were traumatized when they got into court before and there were cameras everywhere. The actress took her children to the child psychiatrist who explained to them what was about to happen.

There were reports that Santino wasn't alright after the court hearing. Barretto confirmed this. She said even Sabina got scared of being alone after that incident.

Seeing Raymart again

When she first saw Santiago during the TPO case, it was painful, the actress said. He is, after all, still her husband, and it hurts her to see them like this. Also, she heard a lot from him and his family, so she felt bullied by them.

Barretto also related that when they faced each other for the first time, Santiago was with a lot of lawyers, friends and backers. It was intimidating for her, the actress maintained, saying there were still signs of bullying there.

But when they finally met for the second time, for the habeas corpus, Barretto was angry already because her children are being dragged into the mess. Santiago knew what can hit her hard, the actress said, which are her children. But he didn't count on the fact that she also draws strength from them, which made her push back and fight against the Santiago family.

Although she doesn't want to ruin Santiago's reputation on court, she added it's about time for her to stand up for herself and not let Raymart and his older brother Randy ruin her reputation.

Barretto clarified she was not close to the Santiagos, contrary to Randy's claim. She also dared them to reveal what it is that they know about her and the Barretto family. The difference between the two families is that the Barrettos were very transparent while what she knows about them can ruin them as a family.

At this point, it was obvious Barretto was angry at the Santiagos. She does not appreciate being disrespected by men, the actress said.

“Hindi na ako papayag. Nabastos na ako noon. Huwag nila akong babastusin.
Like what I’ve said, do not mess with my kids. Do not mess with my children. Huwag ninyong gawin sa akin yung ginawa ninyo kay Sherilyn Reyes at kay Paoie.”

Reyes was once married to Jun-Jun, Raymart's brother. Paoie refers to the ex-couple's child. When asked for further details regarding this statement, Barretto already refused to divulge any details.

The actress said she and Reyes are not on speaking terms.

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Claudine Barretto Airs Grievances Against Raymart Santiago's Family

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