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Claudine Barretto’s Children Seek Guidance From Child Psychiatrist

Claudine Barretto’s legal counsel, Atty. Ferdie Topacio, has revealed that his client’s children are seeking professional help. Claudine, he said, decided to subject her two kids, Sabina, 9 years old, and Santino, 6 years old, to regular sessions with a child psychologist to help them deal with the confusion that may possibly be brought about by the current legal battle between her and her estranged husband, Raymart Santiago.

The two children went to see their child psychiatrist before they appeared in court last week for the hearing of the Habeas Corpus case filed by Raymart against Claudine. Raymart is seeking legal custody of their children, saying that he has evidences that would prove Claudine to be unfit to raise and take care of their two kids.

According to Atty. Topacio, the two children are still regularly seeing their child psychiatrist for the appropriate counseling they may need. This, according to him, is necessary to make sure that the turmoil involving their family would not eventually take its toll on them.

Claudine’s ‘mental problem’

In a press conference Claudine and her lawyers mounted last week, she calmly answered allegations and insinuations from her enemies that she is losing her sanity. The beleaguered actress reiterated that seeking professional counseling does not mean she is going crazy.

Claudine said she thought admitting to the public that she is seeking a counselor would help open everyone’s eyes that it is just okay to do so. She was not surprised that it is now being used by her detractors who allege that she is losing her mind. In other countries, particularly in the US, it is just normal for people who are facing challenges to see psychologists or psychiatrists to seek professional counseling and guidance.

Raymart is not directly accusing Claudine of losing her mind. But Claudine’s sister is. In many instances, Gretchen Barretto has been accusing Claudine of going insane just because she seeks ‘mental help’ from professionals. Gretchen even disclosed the hospital where Claudine goes to seek mental help---The Medical City in Pasig City.

Habeas Corpus

Meanwhile, Atty. Topacio revealed that during the hearing last week for Habeas Corpus, Raymart was giving him the hostile look. He said he completely understands if Raymart would be totally mad at him for defending his estranged wife in court. Atty. Topacio understands that it is a natural reaction because Raymart must be thinking that the lawyer is giving him his current misery.

According to the equally controversial lawyer, Raymart should blame himself for escalating the case to the court and for having the children involved in the legal battle. Atty. Topacio did not reveal too much because he did not want to be charged with contempt. But he has assured Claudine’s fans that they have gathered more than enough evidences to defend his client.

Claudine’s other laywer, Atty.Ginger Castillo, on the other hand, did not rule out the possibility that the case could be settled out of court. She hinted that their camp is open to having mediation with Raymart’s camp.

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Claudine Barretto’s Children Seek Guidance from Child Psychiatrist

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