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Anne Curtis Shrugs Off Bashers And Detractors

When it comes to her bashers, Anne Curtis has already learned not to mind them and just let her fans deal with these so-called critics. In fact, the actress said they eventually stop when she ignores them.

Some people, she added, make a living out of bashing artists like herself but she doesn't want to give them the satisfaction of knowing they hurt her.

But when her family becomes the focus of the rumors, that's what hurt Curtis the most. Of course, the actress maintained she can just block them from her social networking sites so she doesn't have to deal with them anymore. She's used to critics already even before social networking sites became a thing.

"But you know, you can just block them and for me, honestly, I think they just found five seconds of fame so it’s up to you if you’re going give that to them."

Her Twitter handle, which has more than two million followers, are full of "crazy" things but she also uses it for social responsibility issues and information that will help the public. She's one of those who tweeted vigorously during the onslaught of Typhoon Maring.

Meanwhile, the actress also took the time to express how proud she is of younger sister Jasmine, who recently won as the best supporting actress for her first indie film "Transit." The movie was shot in Israel.

Curtis shrugged off rumors that Jasmine may be able to surpass her fame already. She added that she gives her sister useful acting tips such as memorizing her lines well especially when she's working with the likes of Irma Adlawan.

Jasmine even memorized all her lines in Hebrew. When her sister won, Curtis said it was an unexplainable how proud she felt of her. "Especially when we’re all watching kasi at the gala night, parang maiiyak ka sa proud, e. Naiiyak ako sa eksena niya… ang galing niya… and to know that all her efforts didn’t go to waste."

Curtis hasn't been able to star in indie films because she's so mainstream, she said. In fact, that's an industry she didn't think will open for her. That's why she's very proud of Jasmine because she was able to carve a name for herself in a competitive industry.

But if the right script comes along, Curtis said she's willing to do an indie film. For now though, she just wants to support her sister who seemed to be enjoying herself quite well in showbiz.

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Anne Curtis Shrugs Off Bashers And Detractors

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