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Sec. Paquito Ochoa Asked Funds From Napoles For PNoy’s 2010 Campaign—Lolit Solis

Another explosive controversy is about to burst right before our eyes, and ears. Controversial talent manager and showbiz talk show host Lolit Solis is attracting attention as she made allegations that would surely further aggravate the current talk of the town regarding pork barrel.

Just recently, Lolit Solis declared that current Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa asked controversial scam queen Janet Lim Napoles some fund that would supposedly help finance the 2010 election campaign of elected president Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III.

This is a controversy that would surely bring about unpredictable consequences. How did Lolit Solis know about that? She sounds very sure about her accusation. According to the talent manager-TV host, she was right there beside Janet Napoles when Ochoa made the alleged phone call. She overheard that the money would supposedly be used for the electoral campaign of PNoy.

According to Lolit, that phone call was done some time in December 2009. She did not clarify what she was doing with Napoles’ company. If that claim would also be taken seriously, many people might ask if Lolit is among the beneficiaries of the pork barrel scam. The talent manager has a reputation of being thick-faced to ask favors, in cash and in kind, from all sorts of people, from celebrities to businessmen.

As of press time, Malacañang has not acknowledged Lolit’s claims. It is also obvious that major media organizations are also yet to take a look at this pending big issue. However, Lolit’s accusations would further arouse speculations that may hurt both the President’s and her own camp.

Possible involvement of PNoy

As of this writing, Janet Napoles has already surrendered to authorities. What baffles many observers was the fact that she turned herself over directly to PNoy. She was later turned over to the custody of DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, who is known as a loyal political ally. The authorities have yet to explain how and why Janet Napoles decided to directly approach the president.

Could it be that Janet Napoles have always enjoyed access to the president’s allies? Could Janet Napoles be so confident that she would be in ‘good hands’ with the president’s custody because the latter’s party has a debt of gratitude to repay? Or was Janet Napoles blackmailing the palace that she would reveal so much?

Bong Revilla’s involvement

Right now, the biggest implications of Lolit Solis’ alleged claims would more incur further damages to Sen. Bong Revilla and his family. Several weeks ago, when the Napoles controversy was just starting to burst, Sen. Revilla was quick to defend himself, saying that he does not know Janet Napoles personally. He even recalled that they met just twice and that they never talked during those encounters.

Sen. Revilla and his wife, Representative Lani Mercado are both talents of Lolit Solis. Lani was involved herself in the controversy because of her controversial statements when she was asked about her stance on lifting of pork barrel.

For his turn, Sen. Revilla has already been cited as among the main beneficiaries of the pork barrel scam ever since the Janet Napoles controversy erupted. That time, Sen. Revilla strongly denied that he knew the scam lady. However, on an August 29 report on ANC by Mario Dumaual, Sen. Revilla finally admitted that she knows Janet Napoles ‘personally.’

He could not deny this time because many photos and videos are leaking online featuring him, his family, and the Napoleses. It turned out, Janet Napoles even served as one of the sponsors during Sen. Revilla’s wedding anniversary.

Lolit transforms into a whistleblower?

Back to Lolit Solis, many observers believe that she could be fabricating stories again. Some assert that this accusation could be Lolit Solis’ attempt to get back and get even with the President, whom Sen. Revilla is implying to be doing all the dirty accusations because of political motives. He is an oppositionist.

Lolit Solis is also a family friend of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada. Sen. Revilla and Sen. Estrada are close friends, along with Lolit Solis’ other action star-talents like Phillip Salvador and the late Rudy Fernandez.

In the past, Lolit Solis had already proven that she would do anything to protect the Revilla’s from controversies. Remember the time when Lolit Solis almost had a bloody feud with equally feisty talent manager Annabelle Rama? That slight feud stemmed when Ruffa Gutierrez claimed that Lani Mercado snubbed her.

Lolit Solis then reacted that Lani has no responsibility to greet the women that used to be involved with Sen. Revilla. She even went on to say that those women must have loved the senator’s sexual prowess, that’s why they seemed having difficulty to move on. That was when Rama burst in anger. She also revealed so much about Lolit Solis’ troubled past. Lolit Solis eventually succumbed and apologized but she was once quoted that she would do anything to protect Lani, who could be among her favorite talents.

Lolit Solis and her past issues

Lolit Solis is in history as the mastermind of the Manila Filmfest Scam in 1994. Back then, she admitted that she planned the scam to favor her favorite talent then, actor Gabby Concepcion. Lolit appeared to be determined to please Gabby by giving him an acting award by means of a scam.

Several years ago, Lolit was almost sued by ABS-CBN’s Star Magic after she claimed that she had seen Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby in a ‘compromising position’ when she once dropped by an area in Sofitel Hotel. She later retracted her claims and promised Star Magic that she would never question the two actors’ sexuality again if the lawsuit would be withdrawn.

Is Lolit Solis fabricating stories again to protect Sen. Revilla and Lani? What is her motive in revealing this knowledge all of a sudden? Could she stand by her claims and not retract it later? The plot to this controversy thickens. Meanwhile, it should be clarified that this report is based on Lolit Solis’ accusations. Other information was taken from previous news items.

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Sec. Paquito Ochoa Asked Funds from Napoles for PNoy’s 2010 Campaign—Lolit Solis

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