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Claudine Barretto Slaps RA 9262 Charges Against Raymart Santiago

Claudine Barretto filed a case against estranged husband Raymart Santiago, saying he violated RA 9262 or Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act.

The case was filed on August 29 before the Marikina Regional Trial Court. She was with her parents, Miguel and Inday Barretto, as well as her sister Mitchie and legal counsel Atty. Ferdinand Topacio.

Claudine is also supported by women's group Gabriela, which is being represented by its secretary general Jovita Montes. Some of her fans also stayed outside the Marikina Hall of Justice to show their support to the actress.

Atty. Junelet Mataro, Gabriela's legal counsel, will represent Claudine in this case.

Claudine said she doesn't want her parents to see her like this, and she also doesn't want them to feel that she failed them. However, both her mother and father stated they'll support the actress all the way.

Her mother, Inday, attacked Raymart and Gretchen, who has been posting various messages on social networking site Twitter about Claudine's case against her estranged husband. Inday said she wanted Claudine to learn to fight for herself, but it doesn't mean they won't be supporting her fight.

Claudine has been through a lot these past years, so she hoped people with nothing better to say can just shut up and not intervene in her daughter's issues.

When asked about Gretchen, Inday said her older daughter is not a good judge of any situation because she's "malicious" and "evil." She denied Gretchen's allegations that Claudine is just making up stories.

Gretchen earlier noted that custody of the children should be awarded to Raymart since he seems to be more stable of the two. Claudine apparently has a history of mental illness.

"Everyone has a time when they have to lie to protect, and they have to make up stories to protect. But it doesn’t mean that everything that you say is a lie including the truth. Kasi the truth coming from a foul mouth becomes a bad breath."

After the ambush interview, Claudine read her statement to the press wherein she gave a summary of what happened to her 11-year marriage with Raymart.

"My life with Rozelle Raymond Martin Santiago [Raymart's real name] was a vicious cycle of violence, abuse, battery, and exploitation.

Claudine said she was in a "constant fearful state of mind" because she was abused and controlled over a period of time. She also had "horrendous experiences" because of Raymart.

"Notwithstanding all my horrendous experiences in the hands of my husband, today, I am breaking my silence. I took the big step of stopping and ending the abuses of my husband by filing a criminal complaint against him."

"To all the women out there who suffered my plight, or are still suffering the said plight, I encourage you to break your silence and stop the abuse."

According to Mataro, they have evidence of Raymart's activities of physical abuse and harassment. They have pictures, medical certificates and other evidence which they will submit in court. They refused to furnish the media a copy of the signed affidavit.

There was also allegedly economic, social, sexual and psychological abuses because Raymart controlled Claudine's finances and alienated her from her friends and family.

Since they were married in 2002, Claudine said she was suffering a series of abuses from Raymart.

The actress added that at first, she didn't want to file the case against Raymart because she also wants to protect the father of her children, but that has to stop now since she also has to fight for herself.

She admitted to losing her self-respect, self-esteem and even her self-worth. "Hindi na ako napuprotektahan, hanggang sa dumating yung panahon na hindi lang ako kundi ang mga anak ko, hindi na napuprotektahan."

On the other hand, Raymart said he was not surprised by the charged filed by his estranged wife. He also wanted to protect their family but if Claudine was really pushing for the case, then he will be ready to face her.

The actor said he also has evidence that can prove Claudine was just making up stories.

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Claudine Barretto Slaps RA 9262 Charges Against Raymart Santiago

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