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Who Is Sharon Cuneta’s Latest Enemy?

Last week, Sharon Cuneta again grabbed attention when she started tweeting about a new falling out with an old friend. In her Twitter account, the megastar vented out her thoughts and feelings about losing another friend. At one point, she even asked her followers how much love she should be investing to be loved in return. As expected, the TV5 actress refused to directly name her new enemy but just talked about how she feels bad about a ‘friendship that just died.’

Now, showbiz observers are wondering who could that person be? How did that person betray the megastar? Speculations have become wilder and wilder. At one point, some observers even thought it was her good friend Judy Ann Santos. That was because after they both appeared in the finale episode of ‘Talentadong Pinoy,’ they were not spotted together again. Sharon’s words in her tweets also indicated that her new enemy used to be a very close friend and someone that really occupied a good place in her heart. Thus, the quest to identify that person began.

Betrayal from a friend

According to sources, Sharon is reportedly hurting because a close friend has just betrayed her. That person is not from show business. But Sharon and the person reportedly did a business together. She also reportedly invested a huge amount of money from that business. But it turned out that her friend only manipulated her to defraud her or millions of pesos. Sharon reportedly felt very bad because aside from being defrauded, she was very sorry to lose another friend. She must have been so close to that person for her to resent losing that friend.

This may end speculations that it was Judy Ann. Weeks ago, there were intrigues that the two actresses were having a fall out because of the tension between Judy Ann and Sharon’s daughter KC Concepcion on the set of their just concluded TV series ‘Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala.’ But now, Judy Ann is cleared of this issue.

Taking legal measures

Sharon reportedly filed a lawsuit against that friend. According to sources, it is more likely that she would win the case because she has strong evidences. It is just not clear if that friend is still out in the open or if the person has already gone into hiding. But there are insinuations that the scam could have been very serious and a huge amount could have been lost by the megastar.

Sharon has always been entrepreneurial. She has entered into several business partnerships with some colleagues and friends. This is not surprising because she is still one of the highest paid actresses and commercial endorsers around. One of her businesses that may have folded up in vain is her own perfume line. Sources said that despite generating healthy sales, the Sharon perfume was already pulled out of the market. She is also known for having penchant for real estate investments.

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Who is Sharon Cuneta’s Latest Enemy?

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