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Martin Nievera Advises Son Robin Not To Be So Different

Martin Nievera told his son Robin to embrace his parents' fame in the showbiz industry because shunning it might give a bad impression of him.

“Don’t shy away from it. Don’t try to be so different because people, especially the press, might think you don’t want to embrace that. That’s not good either.”

He told Robin to appreciate whatever fame his parents have.

Robin is Nievera's eldest son with ex-wife Pops Fernandez.

The Concert King said he is open to let his son host Martin Late @ Night when he is not available.

He did not influence Robin to get into hosting, but he did encourage him to try his luck in showbiz.

“I told him many years ago, ‘C’mon, habang sikat pa si mommy at sikat pa si daddy, sumakay ka na lang.’

“Ayaw niya noon kasi nabaduyan daw siya sa amin, e.”

When Robin finally grew up, he showed his interest in pursuing music. Nievera though never pressured his son when it comes his career. He said he is proud that Robin wants to make it on his own.

Nievera and Fernandez both focused on singing love songs while Robin is more interested in alternative rock and the blues.

“Thank God, at least there’s an improvement of the specie."

“But in his last show, he made sama a medley of his songs and pop songs and my songs together.”

Nievera also advised Robin to get along well with the entertainment press.

“Robin has to learn that we have to somehow exist with each other. You cannot make enemies, you cannot be unprofessional, you have to be professional."

The Concert King said fame is only temporary, and that the press can either make or break you.

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Martin Nievera Advises Son Robin Not To Be So Different

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