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New Kapuso Heartthrob Jeric Gonzales Receives ‘Fat Memo’

It seems that GMA-7 is getting more particular on how their stars look like. The network is particularly more conscious about how their leading men look like. This is indicated by the ‘fat memo’ newcomer Jeric Gonzales has received from the network.

Jeric readily admitted that he received such a memo from his mother network. That was why he immediately made the necessary initiatives to shed off those excess pounds in his body. The teen actor implied that he was not offended; instead, he took it as a challenge for self improvement.

He is the male ultimate winner of the most recent season of ‘Protégé,’ a celebrity search edition. Back then, most of the judges of the competition agreed that he has the ‘superstar looks.’ Thus, after the competition, he and his loveteam partner Thea Tolentino, who herself won the female category of the competition, had taken several TV assignments.

Getting fat

It was in his last show that network executives noticed that he was gaining weight. Jeric and Thea were part of the cast of the last TV series that starred Richard Gutierrez, ‘Love and Lies.’

Jeric disclosed that his bosses once met him to warn him that he looked ‘healthy’ on TV. He agreed that his face looked bigger and his tummy was looking bulkier. This, he admitted, could have been caused by his busy schedule that time. Jeric said he did not find time to go to the gym to workout.

At the same time, he said he always lacked sleep because of his hectic schedule. That was when he turned to eating to counter the stress. And because he lacked physical activities, he gained a few extra pounds.

The young actor said he was not aware that he was gaining weight until his bosses called his attention. That time, ‘Love and Lies’ ended but he was still doing the Sunday afternoon teen show ‘Teen Gen.’ That was why he immediately acted to do the necessary measures to address his physical problem.

Taking action

He revealed that he had to take action because he is the breadwinner of the family. He assumed that failure to abide by the ‘fat memo’ would hamper his budding career. He is being groomed as one of the future leading men of the network.

How did he do it? Jeric said he hired a personal trainer to guide him in his endeavor. He also took a high-fiber diet that he thought really helped him lose excess weight. From the time he started his weight loss program until now, the young actor revealed that he has so far lost over 12 pounds. That is why he now looks slimmer.

Jeric is not the only actor who received a ‘fat memo’ from the Kapuso network. Several months ago, Geoff Eigenmann decided to take a hiatus after receiving one. There is now word yet if he took measures to address the memo. There were reports that even Richard Gutierrez was also issued the ‘fat memo.’

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New Kapuso Heartthrob Jeric Gonzales Receives ‘Fat Memo’

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