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Amy Perez Turns Down TV5’s Offer For A New Show

Amy Perez surprised everyone in TV5 when she turned down an offer for a new show at the last minute. It turned out that there was a huge misunderstanding that led to the inconvenience. Amy insists that the problem did not emanate from her.

Many people were surprised in the past few weeks because TV5 has already announced plans to launch a new show to be called ‘Face The People.’ As the title suggests, it could possibly be a spin off from her former TV show ‘Face to Face.’

The fact is that TV5 made the announcement before asking Amy to do it. Many observers think the struggling network committed a mistake when it did not talk about the details of the new show first to Amy before making announcements to the public.

According to reports, some people from the management convinced her to attend a pictorial with Gelli de Belen for the show. Everyone thought everything would turn out fine when Amy finally said yes and actually went to the pictorial venue. The session pushed through.

Surprised during the shoot

But Amy was surprised when she learned that someone from the production of her former show posted one of the pictures shot on that pictorial session on her social media account. That was when she realized that she would be working with the same staff of her old show.

Someone from the management immediately talked to Amy. But she did not like the way the executive motivated her. She got the impression that she would have to take the show to win a challenge against her former staff. Amy recounted that she insisted that she does not need to undergo that kind of stress.

In the end, Amy’s decision was based on the good of a greater number of people. She said she did not think about insisting to change the staff of the show just so she could work comfortably in the set. Thus, her decision was to turn down the project and let her former staff go on.

Looking for a harmonious working environment

To Amy, it is always better to work in an environment where there is no stress and where other people understand and respect her. No one can blame the multi-awarded TV host for feeling and reacting that way.

It was a common knowledge that before her controversial TV show ‘Face to Face’ ended, she had a falling out with the show’s production staff. That was because they had a misunderstanding about taping schedules. Amy was offended when some members of the production posted insulting comments and messages in the social media to pertain to her.

Amy also can’t forget what happened during her last taping for ‘Face to Face. She recalled that although everything seemed okay on screen, there was high tension when the cameras are turned off. She disclosed that although she sincerely thanked everyone for the time they worked together, everyone in the production was so cold to her that day. Some sources even insisted that no one dared to talk to or interact with Amy, who felt very alienated and uncomfortable that day.

Can anyone blame her if she feels that way? Meanwhile, ‘Face The People’ might have another trouble because it turned out that Gelli accepted the project because she was assured that she would co-host it with Amy.

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Amy Perez Turns Down TV5’s Offer for a New Show

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