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Angeline Quinto Reveals That Regine Velasquez Advised Her Against Noselift

No less than the Asia’s Songbird has advised Angeline Quinto not to get her nose fixed for aesthetic reasons. This was revealed by Angeline herself as she recounted how she changed her mind about getting a noselift. She said it was Regine Velasquez who warned her not to do any procedure with her nose as doing so may affect her singing voice.

Angeline is one of the new celebrities who occasionally come to the residence of Regine and husband Ogie Alcasid for regular Bible study sessions. It was then that the two of them (Angeline and Regine) got to start casually talking to each other to share some personal things.

Logically, Angeline got more open talking about her cosmetic procedures under the knife of her sponsor, Dra. Vicki Belo, who incidentally is also the cosmetic doctor of Regine. Angeline does not keep any secret that she is having some parts of her body enhanced and improved for aesthetic reasons by the popular beauty surgeon.

Noselift issue

To some showbiz observers, this could be an interesting and at the same time ironic revelation. That is because for the longest time, Regine is being accused of having her own nose done. She has been consistent in denying it, telling her accusers to review her photographs through the years. Those, she said, would prove that she has not been subjected to a nose job.

Meanwhile, Angeline now looks slimmer and sexier, thanks to the beauty enhancing procedures she underwent under Dra. Belo. Many showbiz reporters have been noticing the big improvements in her physical attributes. First, she looks fairer. Now, she looks slimmer especially her arms and legs.

Beauty could be skin deep but for Angeline, she is now enjoying the fruits of her determination and courage to undergo cosmetic procedures. She has disclosed that she now has two persistent suitors. One is a high school friend, a banker who has been her friend for many years now. Another is a wealthy businessman, who Angeline recalled, was very gutsy to approach her in a restaurant only to get her number.

Beautiful Angeline

Aside from the two suitors, Angeline is also consistently being linked to fellow Kapamilya singer Erik Santos. According to some observers, Erik seems to really like Angeline based on his gestures. To this, Angeline reiterated that she is just friends with the actor-singer.

By the way, it was Erik who recruited Angeline to the regular Bible study sessions in Regine’s house. The singer-actor has been known in the industry as among the most religious celebrities. He has been single for the longest time. This is why many showbiz observers think that he is a closet queen.

It is also a common knowledge that Erik used to date Rufa Mae Quinto. As expected, their claim to romance did not last. It is now ironic that Erik seems determined to soon court another Quinto, this time named Angeline.

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Angeline Quinto Reveals that Regine Velasquez Advised Her against Noselift

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