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Why Ex-Viva Hot Babe Was Spotted At The Hospital On Her Wedding Dress

Last Saturday (September 14) afternoon, at around 4:00, sexy star and former Viva Hot Babe Jen Rosendahl was spotted at Cardinal Santos Medical Center in Greenhills, San Juan City. What caught the attention of bystanders in the hospital was that Jen was dressed in a wedding gown when she entered the lobby and went to the ICU area.

No, Jen is not doing a TV show or a movie. She has not been in show business for many years now. The wedding gown was for real; it was her real wedding dress. In fact, Jen was getting married that afternoon. But before she went to the wedding, she found that it was imperative to see her ailing dad and ask for his blessings.

Witnesses attested that it was like a dramatic scene from a movie or a teleserye. Jen’s father, Volker Rosendahl, was supposed to walk her down the aisle on her very special day. But unfortunately, Volker was rushed to the hospital on Thursday (September 12), just two days before the wedding.

Prostate cancer

Volker has been suffering from prostate cancer for seven years now. Apparently, his disease has not been cured yet. Last Thursday, he suffered from a heart attack, which could be related to his cancer. That was why he was admitted to the hospital’s ICU.

According to Jen, their original plan was for Volker to walk her down the aisle. She revealed that her father was among the happiest people after learning about the wedding. Unfortunately, he could not do it. There were reports on Friday and Saturday morning that the wedding would be called off. But Jen decided to push through with the ceremony because she was sure it was what her father wants.

Jen was crying when she was interviewed by GMA-7’s ‘Startalk’ on Saturday afternoon. It was a live phone patch aired over the show. She was on the way to the hospital during that call. It was then that she said she had to drop by her father first before going to the church.

Daddy’s daughter

Not known to many, Jen is the only daughter of her parents. Her dad has always been with her especially during those years that she was busy with her showbiz commitments. In fact, some other members of Viva Hot Babes had complained about how overprotective Volker was to her daughter. He was willing to fight with anyone, even the other Hot Babes members, just to make sure Jen would not be aggrieved.

Jen disclosed that the entire wedding ceremony was beamed through Skype so her father could watch the events from his hospital bed. She was married to Jules Changco, a wealthy businessman. The wedding rite was a simple but solemn one, which was held at Sanctuario de San Antonio in Makati City. No one from showbiz was invited, not even Jen’s closest friends from Hot Babes logically in an effort to preserve the rite’s solemnity.

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Why Ex-Viva Hot Babe was Spotted at the Hospital on Her Wedding Dress

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