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Vic Sotto Reportedly Plans To Marry Pauleen Luna Soon

The buzz is getting louder that lovers Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna are tying the knot soon. Some people claim that speculations have originated from individuals who are privy to the plans of the seasoned TV host-comedian. The two have been together for a couple of years now.

According to sources, the 59-year-old Vic may have finally decided to marry again after a number of women that came to his life since his separation from ex-wife Dina Bonnevie. Vic and Dina have two children who are also known in show business. They are Danica, 31 years old, and Oyo, 29 years old. Both are already married and have their own kids.

Showbiz observers note that if there is truth to these rumors, it could be the ultimate proof that Vic is finally serious about his relationship with his ‘Eat Bulaga’ co-host. It could also be noted that there is a huge age difference between the two. Pauleen is only 24 years old, even younger than Vic’s legitimate kids Danica and Oyo.

Pauleen’s parents

There are also reports that Pauleen’s strict parents have finally accepted Vic as the new boyfriend of their daughter. In the past, it was a common knowledge in the industry that her parents dislike Vic not just because of their age gap but also because of his reputation as a women’s man.

However, these days, according to sources, Pauleen’s parents are already at ease with the thought that Vic could possibly be their future son-in-law. The strict parents were reportedly impressed when they realized that Vic is serious about his relationship with Pauleen.

Vic’s children

Also adding to the flame of this speculation is the sudden change in the stance of Oyo regarding his dad’s relationship with Pauleen. In the past, Oyo had openly opposed his dad’s decision to have a relationship with a woman much younger than him (Oyo). In fact, there were reports that in some instances, Oyo had snubbed Pauleen when they get several chances to cross at each other’s paths.

But recently, when Oyo was asked about Vic’s relationship with Pauleen, Oyo sounded like he has changed his heart. He said he now accepts the fact that it is a possibility that his dad would fall in love with a much younger woman. When asked about the reported wedding between his dad and Pauleen, Oyo simply excused himself and disclosed that he has no idea about any wedding plans of his dad.

He has also submitted himself to that possibility. Oyo has reiterated that what matters to him now is that Vic is happy with whatever decision he is making in life. It is not clear if Oyo’s wife, Kristine, would also welcome the thought of having Pauleen as her possible stepmom-in-law. Showbiz observers note that once upon a time, Kristine had a rift with Pauleen because the latter was being pointed as the culprit that led to the separation of Kristine and ex-husband Deither Ocampo.

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Vic Sotto Reportedly Plans to Marry Pauleen Luna Soon

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