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Claudine Barretto’s House Reportedly Looks Like It Was Robbed

Claudine Barretto’s home could be in shambles, figuratively and literally. A showbiz insider claims that she has recently visited the beleaguered actress’ house in Marikina City. She related that she was surprised to see Claudine’s house. In a simple description, she said it looked ‘devastating.’

Why was that so? That is because according to the showbiz insider, Claudine’s house now looks like it was robbed. In jest, she said the interior looked like it was attacked by ‘akyat bahay,’ a notorious group of burglars that rob homes of important appliances and items.

Claudine’s house was reportedly messed up. The things inside it look disorganized. What startled the showbiz insider was that a lot of items look missing in the house. There are fixtures and appliances that are gone and the walls indicate that those were forcefully or hastily removed.

Raymart’s share

The showbiz insider then figured out the reason behind this. No, Claudine did not remove the items to resell them just to have money. The house was also not robbed by thieves. It was Raymart Santiago, Claudine’s estranged husband, who reportedly took away some important items in the house. He may have described those as ‘his things.’

According to some house help, Raymart has already taken some of his share in their conjugal property. The showbiz insider thinks that the way those items were taken off may clearly indicate two possible things. It is either Raymart really hates Claudine or he simply wants to make sure the material things that he thinks should go to him should really be his.

According to another report, Raymart even asked Claudine to buy his share in an important painting that the couple has bought before. He reportedly asked for a price rate that could be thrice the original valuation of the art piece when they acquired it.

Bank incident

Thus, some showbiz insiders could not help but recall the incident many months ago when Claudine made a scene in a bank in Quezon City. In that incident, Claudine claimed that she was surprised to learn that the millions of pesos deposited in her bank account was all gone.

No police complaint was filed that instance because there was only one person who had access to the bank account. Obviously, it was Raymart. The couple remained mum about that incident ever since. But according to some reports, Raymart allegedly agreed to return half of the amount to the same bank account.

Are all these reports true? Whatever is the truth, in any way, this separation would certainly turn out to be really ugly. Both parties opt to remain silent about the different issues because there are several cases that are already filed on court.

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Claudine Barretto’s House Reportedly Looks Like It was Robbed

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