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John Prats Does Not Expect To Be ‘Ninong’ Of Melason’s Child

John Prats said he would not be surprised if he would not be asked to be among the ‘ninongs’ of the still unborn child of Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco. In a short interview on the set of their weekly comedy show ‘Banana Split: Extra Scoop,’ John disclosed that he thinks if it would be just Melai who would make the decision, it would be possible that he would be among the god fathers of the baby. But since he thinks the decision would be between Melai and Jason, he does not expect to be asked to be one.

It could be recalled that John and Jason had a falling out several months ago when Jason punched him in the face during one of the taping sessions of ‘Banana Split’ in Music Museum in San Juan City. John reported the incident to the police and filed necessary complaints against Jason.

For his part, Jason reiterated that he was just pissed off because John went overboard in terms of teasing and annoying his girlfriend Melai. Jason has asked for John’s forgiveness through several TV interviews. For his part, John assured that he has already forgiven Jason, although the two of them are yet to speak to each other. But he reiterated that he feels very happy for both Melai and Jason because as he said, the two seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

John’s hope

On his last note, John expressed hopes that the unborn baby would help further strengthen the relationship of Melai and Jason. Since the altercation between John and Jason, the latter has been prohibited from going to the taping of the comedy show. However, Melai has remained as among the cast members of ‘Banana Split.’ Meanwhile, Jason is starting to appear in several Kapamilya projects.

If John is happy for Melai and Jason, Melai’s other friends from the same comedy show could not feel exactly likewise. That is because most of them doubt if Jason would be matured enough to take a new and greater responsibility as a father of a baby and as a future husband to their friend Melai.

Other friends’ thoughts

Among those who are in doubt is Angelica Panganiban, one of Melai’s closest friends in show business. In the same interview, Angelica said she feels scared for Melai because she is not sure about how Jason feels for her. Angelica revealed that she has seen how Melai dealt with the heartbreak that Jason brought her when they broke up two years ago. She is scared about how Melai would feel if she and Jason fight again in the future.

Meanwhile, another cast of the show and close friend to Melai, Pooh also expressed his concern about the status of Melai and Jason’s current relationship. He has challenged Jason to prove to them (Melai’s friends) that he is already worthy of her love and loyalty. He also disclosed that they also treat Jason as a friend, but not as close as how they are friends with Melai.

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John Prats Does Not Expect to be ‘Ninong’ of Melason’s Child

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