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Wenn Deramas Admits 10-Year Relationship With DJ Durano

Director Wenn Deramas has finally revealed he and actor DJ Durano, who starred in most of his films, were an item for 10 years before they finally broke up this February 2013. The director admitted this seven months after they parted ways.

DJ appeared in "Sisterakas," "This Guy's In Love With U Mare," "Moron 5 and The Crying Lady," "The Unkabogabol Praybeyt Benjamin," "Petrang Kabayo" and "Tanging Ina" franchise.

Wenn said DJ already asked for his forgiveness, and he already moved on from what happened. Their "separation" has been controversial and many speculated about the real reason for their supposed breakup.

The director added they are now friends, and they even text each other at times. Although they weren't that okay when they first separated, the director said it couldn't be helped if they will eventually be friends since they have been together for so long.

He just thought of their happier times together, and the director said it was easier for him to forgive DJ for what he did.

The director denied, however, that he and DJ got back together. They remain friends to this day though. He also revealed that the actor already has a new partner.

Wenn added he is happier being single. Although it doesn't mean that he wasn't happy before, he explained. He just felt more free now because he can focus on so many things like raising his two children. Before, he felt like he was giving too much of himself to all his priorities in life.

"I'm single and very happy."

The real reason why he and DJ ended their 10-year relationship was because of the actor's current partner. When asked if he already met the new partner, Wenn said he didn't want to because he might just be able to hurt whoever that is.

The director just answered questions about him and DJ today because the actor was the one who started talking about their "relationship." DJ had an interview wherein he said he and Wenn had a "director-actor" relationship that went deeper. He refused to elaborate on what that "deep relationship" meant.

Even though he hurt him, the box-office director stated he was happy during their 10-year relationship. "Yes! Yes, I’d like to believe, siya rin. Otherwise, hindi kami tatagal nang ganoon. Ang totoo niyan, kaya kami naghiwalay nang sobrang maayos noong Pebrero ay ang pinuputol ko lang ay ang romantic angle."

The friendship will always remain between them, the director said.

He admitted though being angry at DJ for quite a while because he has been a good partner to him and yet the actor was still able to do something that will hurt him.

"At kung nagawa mo sa akin ito, anong klase kang tao? May ganoon akong naramdaman dati kaya kailangan kong magalit."

DJ never retaliated despite hearing so many things from the director. Wenn was thankful DJ gave more importance to their partnership rather than getting back at the director because of the hurtful things he said.

This is the reason why it was so easy for the director to forgive DJ when he finally asked for forgiveness. Now, they even text and joke around. In fact, DJ may even be included in Wenn's new films, the sequels of "Praybeyt Benjamin" and "Moron 5" under Viva Films.

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Wenn Deramas Admits 10-Year Relationship With DJ Durano

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