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Derek Ramsay Admits Getting Affected By Bashers; Closes Instagram Account

Derek Ramsay deactivated his Instagram account, @kingderekramsay, after being affected by a series of negative comments about him. The actor said he just wants to keep some things private in his life.

Although he has a new Instagram account, Derek said he wants to keep it private at least for now. He still has an active Twitter account so that he can keep his fans posted about his projects.

The actor admitted he finds it hurtful that some people say negative things about him, and that they are disrespectful of him and sometimes go below the belt.

"Everybody has their limit and it gets to you. But if they can express themselves—even if it’s not positive, but it’s in a respectful way—I’ll respect that."

Derek said there are people who do not only express their opinions about him, but also attacks his loved ones. If the criticisms are done properly, however, then Derek can respect that.

"I can’t make everybody like me—I won’t even try. This is me, like me or don’t like me. It’s just how it is. You cannot make everybody like you."

Meanwhile, Derek said he also received the text message with the link of the alleged sex video of his girlfriend Cristine Reyes and her ex-boyfriend Rayver Cruz. The two denied that such a video exists.
Derek Ramsay
When he received the text message, the actor didn't open it anymore because it was just a "blast text." He added that he and Cristine never talked about the said scandal and Derek didn't ask her about it.

The actor has never been the jealous type, so it doesn't matter to him that Cristine is still close with her exes--Rayver and Dennis Trillo.

Cristine is known to be close to the family of Dennis, especially his siblings. Derek said his girlfriend tells him stories about Dennis' siblings, and he knows they follow each other on Instagram.

He also doesn't mind that Cristine is working with Rayver on "Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin," the ABS-CBN teleserye also starred in by Gerald Anderson, Dawn Zulueta and Dina Bonnevie.

There were some reports that Cristine can be a bit moody when she's tired. Did he experience such things from his girlfriend? Derek said she has known the actress for years, and he's aware of this said mood swing.

But it's still too early in their relationship to tell if he will experience being on the other end of that said mood swing.

"I know what she’s like, we all know what she’s like. But we’ll see if she’ll have an episode with me."

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Derek Ramsay Admits Getting Affected By Bashers; Closes Instagram Account

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