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Vice Ganda Wants To Have Breast Implants

Vice Ganda is undeniably one of the most successful and richest comedians in the country today. He seems to be able to buy just about anything he likes. Is it true that he would soon have breast implants, as claimed by reliable sources? Is he up to something more than just breast implants, probably gender reassignment?

His good friend and movie director Wenn Deramas has disclosed that yes, it is true that Vice Ganda wants to have breast implants. But he clarified that the gay comedian only wanted to do it so he could reprise the role of a real woman better in the upcoming MMFF entry ‘Girl,Boy, Bakla, Tomboy.’

According to Direk Wenn, Vice Ganda originally wanted to consult a famous cosmetic surgeon for breast implants just so he could look more like a real woman in the movie. But Wenn advised him against the idea because he (Wenn) does not want any complication that may arise. He added that they are now working double time to finish the movie in time for the annual film festival.

Wenn expressed his admiration to Vice Ganda for working very hard just to deliver what is required of him by the movie. He noted that the gay comedian had to shed off a lot of weight just so he could justify the role of a sexy woman in the comedy movie.

Working hard

Vice Ganda
Vice Ganda is instead having prosthetics that look like actual breasts when filming for his role as a woman. But that takes a little while to attach and remove. Aside from the role of a real woman, Vice Ganda also reprises the role of a gay man, a lesbian, and a straight man in the movie.

Wenn revealed that Paris Hilton serves as Vice Ganda’s peg for his role as a woman. That is why the comedian is using a lot of expensive and fabulous dresses and accessories. He also disclosed that during each shooting day, Vice Ganda carries with him two luxury vans where all the items he would need for the role are contained.

For the role of a straight guy, Vice Ganda is also considering having real muscles. Unfortunately, he may not make it because it would take several months or years to work out just to obtain those muscles. He might again turn to prosthetics when he resumes filming for that role.

Update about the movie

Meanwhile, according to Wenn, Gabby Concepcion would have to be replaced for his role as Vice Ganda’s father in the movie. The real reason: Gabby looks too young to be Vice Ganda’s dad. He would be replaced by Joey Marquez. However, Maricel Soriano would still be the comedian’s mother in the film.

‘Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy’ was originally offered to John Lapus as his launching movie as a solo artist. But ‘Sweet’ (John’s nickname) was not able to achieve ideal weight before final preparations for the movie started. Sweet would have another movie of his own sometime in the future with assurance that Wenn would also direct it.

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Vice Ganda Wants To Have Breast Implants

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