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Vic Sotto Finally Proposes Marriage To Pauleen Luna –sources

A very reliable source has confirmed reports that Vic Sotto had already proposed marriage to girlfriend Pauleen Luna. For many months now, rumors about the proposal have been circulating inside show business.

There are even reports that the couple had already tied the knot somewhere out of the country during one of their trips.

So are we about to hear wedding bells soon? That is the problem, according to the source who is close to both Vic and Pauleen. The actress reportedly turned down the proposal because she thinks she is not yet ready to settle down.

Pauleen is only 24 years old while Vic is already 59 years old. The source said Pauleen still wants to enjoy being single.

According to several showbiz analysts, this report could be an indication that Vic is really serious with his relationship with Pauleen. For them, the marriage proposal could mean a lot. That is because Vic did not pop up the magic question to his past girlfriends like Coney Reyes, Cristine Jacob, and Pia Guanio.

Vic had relationships that lasted for many years with each of those celebrities. In fact, according to insiders, all of those women decided to exit the relationship because they sensed that Vic had no plan of marrying them.

For instance, Pia immediately married her new boyfriend just a few months after breaking up with Vic.

Believing in marriage

The proposal to Pauleen may also indicate that Vic still believes in marriage. Many observers thought he has lost that belief after his failed marriage with actress Dina Bonnevie in the early 1980s. Vic and Dina’s marriage had long been annulled.

Dina married twice after that. Many observers also noted that Dina was so confident that Vic would never marry again, as she indicated in her past interviews. This, according to reports, constantly annoyed Vic’s past girlfriends.

According to the reliable source, Vic may pop up the question to Pauleen again sometime next year.

But the source could not tell if she would then say ‘yes’ to the proposal. If she finally agrees, the source said we may expect a wedding sometime next year or in 2015.

Pauleen’s strict parents

A few weeks ago, Lolit Solis, Pauleen’s feisty manager, assured the public that Vic and Pauleen are not yet married. That is because she is confident that the young actress would not wed anyone without the full consent of her parents. It is a common knowledge in the business that Pauleen’s parents had been opposing the relationship. But Lolit asserted previously that she thinks the strict parents have already accepted the fact that their daughter is in love with Vic.

Vic’s children, particularly Oyo Sotto, have already hinted that they now give their consent even if their dad would marry a younger woman. To many observers, that alone was already an indication that something more serious is happening between the ‘Eat Bulaga’ lovebirds.

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Vic Sotto Finally Proposes Marriage To Pauleen Luna –sources

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