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Raymart Santiago Gives Details Of Claudine Barretto's Drug Addiction

Raymart Santiago's camp has submitted evidence that will detail his estranged wife's, Claudine Barretto, apparent addiction to prohibited drugs. The counter-affidavit was submitted to the Office of the City Prosecutor in Marikina this September 24.

This was in answer to Claudine's complaints against Raymart, who she said physically, verbally, psychologically and economically abused her. He alleged that the actress made the accusations when she was under a "disturbed mental state" and "violent behavior."

Raymart said Claudine's behavior was a result of her addiction to drugs.

According to the counter-affidavit, Claudine was admitted to The Medical City's rehabilitation program in January 2011. Her own family was the one who brought her to the hospital so the actress can "live a normal life without depending on prohibited or regulated substances for her daily sustenance."

A screening drug test report of Claudine taken on January 24 and 28 was presented as evidence. In it, the actress was found to be positive in using a certain type of prohibited drugs. Also, a February 2, 2011 medical certificate from The Medical City proved that the actress "sought, consult, and was assessed to have anxiety disorder."

Claudine's continuous lying about the reason for the collapse of their nine-year marriage was because of her drug use, the actor alleged. He denied the allegations that he violently injected the actress with ketamine, a type of tranquilizer used on humans and animals. The side effects of ketamine are: "analgesia, anesthesia, hallucinations, elevated blood pressure, and bronchodilation."

The actor said it was not possible for him to inject the actress with the said drug because the needle would have broken once Claudine resists the injection. The actress was the one who injected the drugs to herself, Raymart alleged.
Raymart Santiago
Aside from ketamine, the actress also purportedly used marijuana, Nubain, Duromine, Clonotril, Dormicum, and Soniphen on a daily basis. Nubain is a brand of nalbuphine, a morphine-like narcotic pain reliever; while Sodiphen is a brand of diphenhydramine, an anti-histamine medication that can induce sleep for the insomniac.

Raymart said Claudine was using these substances to sedate her body "or to remove the pain that she feels," as the actress claims. The actor submitted in his counter-affidavit a testimony from a witness who personally saw Claudine inject Nubain and Soniphen into her body. The witness used to be a close friend of the Santiagos.

An actual video footage was also submitted to the court. The witness furthered that Claudine inhaled marijuana while in the presence of their daughter, Sabina. Raymart seconded this accusation.

Meanwhile, the actor defended himself against Claudine's accusations that he is an absentee father. Even though he left their marital home on March 17 this year, he still visited their daughter and son as evidenced by their happy photos on “March 22; April 4, 9, and 13; May 18, 19, and 25; and July 23.”

However, since there is a temporary protection order against Raymart that was granted by the court, he could not visit his children who are currently staying with Claudine.

Another proof that he is not an absentee parent was that he was even the one who regularly attends the Parent-Teacher Association meetings of their children's schools. He is also the one who takes them to mass every Sunday and takes care of their needs at home since Claudine is asleep all-day long. This was strengthened by the signed affidavit submitted by the same witness.

As for Claudine's camp, they have yet to reply to Raymart's accusations. Another court hearing was set in October. Since the "drug" issue was revealed by Raymart, the actress' camp has not said a word about it.

Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, her legal counsel for her petition for permanent protection order, said they will answer the allegations in a press conference and that Raymart is an "ass."

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Raymart Santiago Gives Details Of Claudine Barretto's Drug Addiction

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