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Miguel Barretto To Daughters Gretchen And Marjorie: ‘don’t Use Barretto Surname If You Want’

Miguel Barretto, the patriarch of the controversial Barretto family, wants his daughters Gretchen and Marjorie to leave their other sister, Claudine, alone.

In fact, the father of the three warring women even goes as far as saying Gretchen and Marjorie can forgo using the Barretto name if they want.

Miguel says that he is hurt because Gretchen and Marjorie are agreeing with people who say Claudine has some mental health issues.

“It hurts. I don’t know why they meddle. This is a family problem (referring to the current feud between Claudine and husband Raymart Santiago). I don’t know why they meddle,” he said in a press conference on Tuesday.

“They even feel smarter than their parents. I talked to them but they will not listen. They want people to follow what they want. So it came to a point that we had to choose. We chose Claudine,” he added.

The father of the Barretto clan which has long been in showbiz in the country is honest, however, that he and Inday Barretto, his wife, may have some fault in all this.

When Miguel was asked why this is all happening, he said, “Well, it's either we are bad parents or we have bad children.”

“It’s only one of the two – only God knows. If we erred in raising our children, I’m sorry (but) God will be the judge. They fell righteous on the outside but inside, they are hypocrites and they do evil things,” he noted.

If one asks Miguel what she sees is happening, he would tell them that Gretchen and Marjorie continue bullying their sister maybe because she has had a more stellar career in showbiz. He says Claudine is the nicest among his kids.

“Claudine is the nicest among all of them and they bully her. In my opinion, part of that is sibling rivalry because her two older sisters did not attain what Claudine was able to attain at a young age,” the dad said.

So what does Miguel want Gretchen and Marjorie to do? He wants them to back off of the issue between Claudine and Raymart. They can even change their names for all he cares.

“As of now, I just want them to back off at iwanan ang away ni Raymart,” he said.

“Kung kinakahiya nila ang Barrettong pangalan, huwag na nilang gamitin, magpalit sila. Gretchen can use Cojuangco kung papayagan siyang gamitin ang Cojuangco, I doubt kung papayag naman si Cojuangco. Marjorie can use Baldivia if she wants kung kinakahiya niya 'yung Barretto,” added said.

The Cojuangco Miguel was referring to is Tony Boy Cojuangco, the long-time partner of Gretchen while the Baldivia he was referring to is the real surname of Dennis Padilla, Marjorie’s former husband.

“I can’t do anything if they will not listen to me. We said they can solve this until the siblings meddled in things. Then Mrs. Barretto (Inday) had to expose them – what she did was painful as she had to expose her children. She has a past record of damaging people’s reputation. I won’t mention any name,” he said.

Miguel spoke to members of the media while she was with Claudine at a press conference at the Rembrandt Hotel.

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Miguel Barretto To Daughters Gretchen And Marjorie: ‘don’t Use Barretto Surname If You Want’

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