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Raymart Santiago Agrees To Do Random Drug Test With Claudine Barretto

Raymart Santiago accepted the dare by estranged wife Claudine Barretto for him to undergo drug test. He said he is willing to undergo a test anytime as long as Claudine will also be willing to. The drug test, he added, should be done in front of the court and by NBI experts.

Claudine dared Raymart during her camp's press conference on October 1 to undergo a drug test as well. She said the video of her injecting herself with supposed "prohibited drugs" was actually of her using her "beauty secret." She added Raymart also uses the same drugs, and lamented that he secretly took videos of her.

According to Raymart's lawyer, Atty. Ruth Castelo, the actor has no vices whatsoever and is very health conscious. He will also not do anything to damage his health "because he wants to live a long life and see his children grow up."

Claudine showed a copy of her drug test wherein it said she tested negative on various drugs as of September 30. To this, Raymart's camp said the actor is only too happy that the actress finally saw the need to stay clean and sober. That is, Raymart said, if the test was legitimate, genuine and accurate.

In Raymart's counter-affidavit, he said the "final straw" that ended his marriage to Claudine was when the actress pushed him to file a case against the latter's sister, Gretchen Barretto. Claudine said Gretchen made derogatory remarks against her and their children.

But according to the actress, this was not true. She added that the incident happened back in 2010, and not in March of this year, which was what was written on Raymart's counter-affidavit.

In 2010, Claudine was said to be traumatized by Gretchen. But instead of suing the older Barretto, Raymart used that incident to threaten her. "Walang ginawa si Raymart para protektahan kami ng mga anak ko. Instead, ginamit pa niya yun para takutin kami. Yung nangyari sa akin was terrible. Horror talaga. I would not wish it to happen to anybody."

The actress, however, did not give any details as to what happened in 2010.

The actor, on the other hand, defended himself. Atty. Ruth said Raymart wasn't even with Claudine when the said "incident" happened. Instead, it was the actress' siblings who took charge of the situation and relayed to the actor what happened.

"To quote Raymart: ‘Wala ako dun. Si Gretchen at si Marjorie ang tumakbo sa bahay para tulungan si Claudine dahil nasa taping ako. Kinuwento na lang nila sa akin ang nangyari.’"

The lawyer said it was Claudine who brought that incident upon herself because she didn't listen to Raymart's advice, and even her siblings' pleas.

In fact, Atty. Ruth added it was Raymart who always called Claudine's attention and asked her to stop doing things that would cause her to lose control and hurt herself. Thus, she said it's impossible for Raymart to sue Gretchen just because she helped her own sister.

"Raymart can only do so much for Claudine."

Raymart then appealed to his in-laws, Inday and Miguel, to help their daughter. He added they all talked about the actress' problems before and they knew he is only telling the truth.

"Huwag na nilang kunsintihin. Ipagamot na nila agad dahil kailangan na kailangan na."

Miguel and Inday should not close their eyes against Claudine's problems, and enter the actress into a rehabilitation facility.

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Raymart Santiago Agrees To Do Random Drug Test With Claudine Barretto

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