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Marjorie Barretto Says Claudine Cannot Be Bullied

Contrary to what the Barretto patriarch claimed, Marjorie Barretto said no one can bully her sister Claudine because she is a very strong woman.

This was after Miguel Barretto said she and Gretchen were bullying Claudine. He also asked Gretchen and Marjorie not to use Barretto anymore if they don't like to. He questioned though if Tonyboy will allow his eldest daughter to use Cojuangco as a surname.

Gretchen has been with Tonyboy for two decades, but the billionaire-businessman's family disapproves of her.

Marjorie said she cannot understand why her parents would say such things when she never maligned her surname. She has been legally separated from comedian Dennis Padilla for five years. Technically, she can carry the surname Barretto since she is already separated. She said it should be Claudine who should use a different surname since she's still married.

"Walang nagbu-bully kay Claudine. And my mom, and my dad, they know that. They know that."

Miguel earlier said Claudine is the nicest out of all their children. For this, Marjorie apologized for not being as successful as Claudine, who was able to provide financially for their parents. She added their parents cannot malign her's and Gretchen's characters just so Claudine will emerge as the "angel."

"Ganun ba ‘yon? Ganun ba ‘yon? Dahil mas marami siyang naibigay? Huwag mong sabihing pinakamabait mong anak siya. At hindi namin siya binu-bully, at walang sibling rivalry dito."

She defended herself, and said acting was never her passion. She wouldn’t die if she didn't become as well known as Claudine, Marjorie said.

Marjorie has been part of showbiz for only a short time. She did a number of films under Viva Films such as "Makuha Ka Sa Tingin (Kung Pwede Lang), "Megamol," "Forever," "Dillinger," "Angel Na Walang Langit," "Silako," "Campus Girls" and "Takot Ka Ba Sa Dilim." These were all done between 1993 and 1996.

Marjorie said their parents knew the truth, and she will just wait for it to come out "in its own time." But she appealed to her parents not to act as if they're bullying their youngest sister because that has never been true.

The former actress and now politician also asked Miguel not to implicate her in Claudine's case against Raymart, especially when it comes to the actor's counter-affidavit wherein he accused Claudine of using drugs.

She doesn't want to be summoned by the court because she will have to tell the truth. She didn't want to comment about Claudine's purported drug use. Marjorie doesn't want to be against Claudine when it comes to this issue, but she also doesn't want to commit perjury and lie in court.

"Tsaka, alam mo, you cannot fool people anymore. Matatalino na ang tao ngayon. You cannot fight evidence."

She then criticized Claudine's press conference, which their father used to lambast his other children. If Claudine really wants some peace in her life, she shouldn't use their parents to attack Gretchen and Marjorie, the politician said.

Marjorie has been in good terms with their parents until their mother, Inday, publicly disowned Gretchen and called her names. The politician said there will be a time when the truth will finally come out about their family.

She said Gretchen was just a "fall guy." The eldest Barretto was just made to cover up something--a secret.

"Magkakabati kaming lahat. Kumpleto kami every Sunday. Kumpleto kami every week, hindi lang Sunday. Kumpleto kaming lahat. And talagang dumating si Claudine, to divide and conquer talaga."

Although she wants to tell the public what really happened already, she couldn't do so because she's still thinking of her younger sister. Claudine has gone through so many things in the past years and yet, Marjorie never said a thing about it.

"Bakit mo kami sinisiraan? Hindi naman gagaling si Claudine kapag siniraan mo kami, a. Huwag nila kaming saktan."

"'Please naman, Dad, please. Please, enough of destroying the names of your other children just to save one child. Because the truth will come out. The truth will come out.’"

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Marjorie Barretto Says Claudine Cannot Be Bullied

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