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Gretchen Barretto Issues A Statement In Response To Her Dad’s Words

The long and winding battle among members of the Barretto family continues. It has gone worse, actually after their dad, 76-year-old Miguel ‘Mike’ Barretto issued a strong statement against his other three children on Monday, September 30. He accompanied youngest daughter Claudine in a press conference that was called to answer Raymart Santiago’s allegations last week that Claudine is a drug addict.

Raymart and Claudine, as estranged couple, have been throwing accusations at each other in several legal battles. Last week, Raymart released evidences that support his accusations that his estranged wife is not just a drug addict but is also mentally ill. He was retaliating from Claudine’s accusations that he supposedly abused her physically, emotionally, and financially.

In his statement, Mike Barretto said he was disappointed about his three children, namely Gretchen, JJ, and Marjorie for getting into the mess between Claudine and Raymart. He surprised everyone when he said that it was either he and his wife were bad parents or they just had bad children. He also advised the three to refrain from using their family name if they are already not proud of using it.

Lastly, he advised the three to just back off. Even if he did not directly mention Gretchen’s name, it was clear that he was referring to her when he talked about a person who is clearly aiming to see Claudine down. He accused Gretchen of habitually making up lies to create tension and conflict among their other family members.

Gretchen answers

Not surprisingly, Gretchen is not letting it pass without her defending herself. She issued a personal statement that was sent to a handful of showbiz publications on Wednesday (October 2). At the beginning of that statement, the 43-year-old actress reiterated that she feels bad that she is suffering this kind of verbal, physical, emotional, and financial abuse from her own parents.

She said that she could not keep her silence this time after her own father made false statements against her. Gretchen recalled that she privately dealt with the pain induced by her mother’s strong words against her in April 2013. Here are some of the interesting highlights of her statement.

  • How children turn out when they grow up depends on how they were raised by their parents. She recalled how her mother refers to all seven of them siblings as ‘monsters’ when they were just kids.
  • Gretchen denied that she and Marjorie are not bullying Claudine. She reiterated that Claudine is not the type of person who could be bullied by anyone.
  • She claimed that she and Marjorie only made sworn statements against Claudine because the latter forced them to do so. That was when Claudine mentioned their names in her complaint affidavit filed a few weeks ago.
  • Gretchen never missed to point out that in the battle between Claudine and Raymart, it is the latter who is speaking of truth.

Claudine needing help

Gretchen revealed that in January 2011, Claudine was confined in the basement of the Medical City because of her severe drug abuse paired with her ill mental condition. She also disclosed that in that incident, their dad pretended to have suffered a heart attack so they could prompt Claudine to go to Medical City at around 2:00 in the morning.

In February, 2011, Claudine’s rehabilitation was continued within a private clinic in Chana, Thailand. On December 21, 2012, Gretchen and some of her siblings were called by their dad in a tea joint at the Fort to talk about how they would convince Claudine to get confined at the basement of the hospital for at least 12 months to 18 months.

Lastly, Gretchen clarified that they are not envious about Claudine’s past achievements. She emphasized that she is thankful and proud that Claudine brought in pride to their family. She ended her statement by saying that she misses the Claudine she used to love because the Claudine of today seems to be a totally different person.

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Gretchen Barretto Issues A Statement In Response To Her Dad’s Words

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