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Raymart Santiago Denies Using Claudine Barretto's Money

Raymart Santiago denied he has interests on Claudine Barretto's money, adding that he withdrew all their savings from their joint account in 2011 because he was afraid she will drain all of it.

The infamous 2011 incident was when Claudine had a breakdown in a bank after finding out that all of her money has been missing from the joint account she shared with her husband. Many speculated Raymart was the one who withdrew the money but the actor never confirmed it until now.

Claudine said it was their lack of prenuptial agreement that led to the crumbling of their marriage, but Raymart insisted money was never their main problem and it was the "lack of peace and harmony" between them that pushed the actor to leave their conjugal home in March of this year.

In his counter-affidavit against the RA9262 case filed by Claudine, Raymart said the final straw that contributed to his breakup with the actress was when she continues to persuade Raymart to file a case against Gretchen for allegedly maligning their children--Sabina and Santino. Raymart refused to do so because he had no evidence against Gretchen at that time.

During her October 1 press conference wherein she answered Raymart's drug use allegations, Claudine admitted her credit card was denied when she was recently buying some stuff in a drugstore. She alleged though that someone must have used up all her credit limit, and that's why she couldn't use it anymore. Many said it might have been Raymart who has been using the actress' money.

Raymart questioned how would he be able to use Claudine's credit card if it was named to her. He said he has his own credit card that he uses. "Paano naman mapupunta sa kin yun at bakit ko gagamitin? Sila din ang gumamit nun, wag nila ibintang sa kin."

The actress already said her credit card was an extension of her dad Miguel's card. If that is the case, Raymart won't be able to use it because he was not a supplementary card holder.

Atty. Ruth Castelo, Raymart's legal counsel, said the actor never touched Claudine's money since he earns his keep. "Raymart is a productive individual and earns his own keep in and out of show business. Her credit card is her credit card, and it is therefore her own look out to charge purchases and pay for them on time."

One of the things Claudine complained about the actor is Raymart's refusal to give financial support to his children with the actress. This was denied by Raymart, who said he regularly gives money for their household expenses in Loyola Grand Villas.

"Nothing can be farther away from the truth as we had a utility account from where we draw the funds for the household expenses. Even before we opened this account, I was never remiss in my obligation to contribute for these expenses."

Even when he left their marital home, Raymart has never failed to provide financial support to his family, he added. The actor showed copies of bank deposit slips which indicated that he deposited P200,000 and P100,000 from April to July 2013 for the tuition fees of their children--Santino and Sabina.

Referring to the 2011 incident, Raymart said he withdrew their savings because Claudine tore off several blank checks from his checkbook several days prior to the bank incident. That checkbook contains the bulk of their savings.

"Contrary to her allegations, I am the one who actually feared that she would withdraw all our savings. From my discovery, I was advised to withdraw everything because it would have been easier to return money than go after somebody who has it."

The actor, however, said he immediately returned the actress' share of that money, which has been acknowledged by her lawyers already. Raymart returned some P8 million to Claudine, which constitutes her share of that money.

In the end, Raymart asked Claudine's camp to stop releasing unfounded allegations. "Wag na nila akong i-provoke ulit dahil gusto ko sana sa korte ko na lang ilabas lahat. Marami pa akong matinding ebidensiya na puwedeng ilabas ngayon pero hayaan na lang natin si Judge ang makakita nito."

The actor said no one will win in this public word war since their children are the ones being affected. He told the actress to just bring the evidence to court because he's also thinking of how all these will affect their children.

"Napilitan ako maglabas ng ebidensiya sa media para ipagtanggol ang pangalan ko. Masyado niya akong sinira kaya nagsabi lang ako ng totoo. Ngayong alam na nila kahit papano, puwede na 'ko tumahimik."

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Raymart Santiago Denies Using Claudine Barretto's Money

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