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Raymart Santiago To Claudine Barretto’s Parents: Recall Your Promise To Get Claudine Treated

Raymart Santiago has a reminder for the parents of his estranged wife Claudine Barreto: it is that they once promised to get the actress treaded because of her use of illegal drugs.

In a statement issued by Santiago via his lawyer Ruth Castelo, the actor revealed that contrary to what Miguel Barretto, the father of Claudine, said this week, the parents of the actress know their daughter has some substance abuse problems.

“Raymart wants to remind Claudine’s parents about what they talked about in the past. (He wants them to) stand by the commitment they made to Raymart in the past that they will help Claudine, that they will get her treatment so she could have a better life,” Atty. Castelo said for his client.

The statement was issued by Raymart after Claudine and Miguel held a press conference where they showed the results of an October 2011 drug test and an April 2013 drug test which showed negative results. These drug tests are different from the one just recently posted by Claudine on Instagram which showed negative results for a test conducted by the end of September.

In the press conference, the father and daughter team dared Santiago to also undergo a drug test.

As a response to this dare, Santiago’s lawyer said that the actor has no qualms about taking a drug test.

“Anytime, basta harapan, at dun sa korte natin gawin,” she said.

Atty. Castelo also stressed that her client is a very healthy person.

“He does not drink, he does not smoke, he does not take drugs. He gets a lot exercise, he’s physically fit. He will definitely not do damage to himself by taking drugs, so he’s willing to undergo testing anytime,” she said.

“He has no vices whatsoever, is very health-conscious, and will certainly not do anything that will damage his health because he wants to live a long life and see his children grow up,” the lawyer also said.

In a part of the statement, Santiago said, “Papayag ako kung random blood test naming dalawa, at NBI experts ang gagawa.”

As for Claudine releasing a photo of her negative drug test, the Santiago camp said, “If it were true that Claudine Barretto is drug-free as of 30 September 2013, and the test is legitimate, genuine and accurate, Raymart can only be too happy that Claudine has perhaps finally seen the need to stay clean. Let’s wait and hope for the best.”

Claudine’s Traumatic Experience

Raymart also answered the vague allegations that Claudine made in her August 29 complaint-affidavit that an incident that happened in 2010 which she alleges Raymart did not even try to stop really “traumatized” her.

During Claudine’s press conference on Tuesday, she said, “If you really read (Raymart’s affidavit), (our rift started) because I allegedly was forcing him to sue (Gretchen) this March. But that wasn’t (it), his timeline is wrong. They did something in 2010 that really traumatized me.”

“Raymart did not do anything to protect me and our children. Instead, he even used that event to scare us. What happened to me was terrible. It was really a horror. I would not wish it to happen to anybody,” she added.

As for this allegation, Raymart’s lawyer said, “laudine knows what took place one night in September 2010 which she says traumatized her. She brought that horrible experience upon herself because she refused to listen to anyone’s advice, especially Raymart’s.”

“She says Raymart did not defend her, but there was no way he could have defended her when he was not even there when things happened that night, and when she was not in the proper state of mind to even remember what actually happened,” the lawyer noted.

“Claudine’s siblings who genuinely cared for her at that time took charge of the situation and merely relayed the events to Raymart as they unfolded,” she added.

“To quote Raymart: ‘I wasn’t there. Gretchen and Marjorie were the ones who rushed to our home to help Claudine because I was in a taping. They just related what happened to me.’” she continued.

The lawyer went on to said that her client, contrary to what Claudine said, could not do anything to protect his wife at the time.

“The defense that Claudine expected of Raymart immediately after that incident was also totally impossible because Raymart was the very first person to call Claudine’s attention and oppose her actions because these actions cause her to lose control of herself, thereby hurting and damaging herself and the people around her. Raymart can only do so much for Claudine,” Atty. Castelo said.

No Wiretapping Committed

As for Claudine’s complaint against Raymart alleging violation of the Anti-Wiretapping Law, Castelo said that her client did not even commit wiretapping.

“In the videos we attached to the counter affidavit, there was no (communication happening). It was showing action after action. There was no conversation, no communication, no one being conversed with, so there is no anti-wiretapping violation,” she said.

Raymart’s Appeal To Miguel and Inday Barretto

Raymart also made a request to Miguel and Inday Barretto, the parents of Claudine, his estranged wife.

It can be remembered that Raymart said on August 30, “Mommy, Daddy, alam n’yo kung ano ang totoo. Alam n’yo kung anong pinag-usapan natin noon at sana panindigan n’yo yun.” [Mommy, Daddy, you know what the truth is. You know what we agreed on in the past and I hope you stand by that.]

Atty. Castelo made the same plea for his client.

“…instead of denying Claudine’s drug abuse and closing their eyes to the problem, they should put their foot down as parents and compel Claudine to submit herself to rehabilitation,” she said.

According to the lawyer, Raymart said, “They should not tolerate (her condition). They should get her treated quickly since it is really needed.”

As for speaking through his attorney, the lawyer said that her client did not want his kids to see him make serious allegations against their mother.

“Raymart does not want to make the issue any bigger because naturally, he is also thinking about the fact that Claudine became his wife and that their children may see this. He wants to stop,” the lawyer said.

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Raymart Santiago To Claudine Barretto’s Parents: Recall Your Promise To Get Claudine Treated

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