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Wife Of Gary Valenciano Criticized Online Due To A Tweet

Angeli Pangilinan, the controversial wife of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano is getting countless criticisms from bashers especially online these days. This is because the tactless talent manager and spiritual adviser has posted a controversial message in her own Twitter account.

A few days ago, Angeli tweeted about how TV networks and entertainment firms should never allow non-singers to sing in public. It was not clear what the context was and what made her tweet that way. But it was enough for her to instantly raise the ire of numerous netizens.

Angeli did not name names when she made that tweet. Apparently, many celebrities reacted. This could be due to the fact that many TV and movie stars these days are given singing engagements and are assigned to perform song numbers even if they don’t have the voice. Some of those even got recording deals, sold platinum albums, and got series of sold-out concert events.

Anne Curtis reacts

Logically, among those celebrities is Kapamilya actress and TV host Anne Curtis. Anne also used her social media account to air her response to Angeli’s tactless tweet. In her usually light and positive tone, Anne simply said there’s nothing wrong if non-singers like her are given chances to hold the microphone and sing before the public.

Anne pointed out that the Philippines is a karaoke-loving country with people who are naturally in-love with singing. Thus, she said all non-singers like her should still enjoy performing to entertain more people. Angeli did not tweet back and instead decided to keep mum about the issue.

Angry netizens

But Angeli’s tweets not only angered the fans of Anne Curtis and other non-singers out there. In an instant, her tweet exposed her to countless criticisms from her bashers. The hate campaign against Angeli and her family continues online. It seems that Angeli’s tactlessness has boomeranged on her.

Most of the feisty netizens pointed out that even people without good singing voices should also be given the opportunity to shine and hone their talent. They pointed out that excellence in singing should not be based on standards of people like Angeli but based on standards of the general public, who buy records, watch TV shows, and go to concert events of performing artists.

They pointed out that Gary V. and all other professional singers should also give the chance for others to shine. Besides, most non-singers could be trained to have good singing and recording voices. Angeli is sister of former senator Kiko Pangilinan, husband of megastar Sharon Cuneta.

Angeli’s children

And because Angeli got so tactless and judgmental, netizens turned to her children, especially her son Gab, who has been trying to make his name in showbiz for some time now. The netizens pointed out that before Angeli make such pronouncements, she should look first at her own son, who should not be allowed to perform before an audience because he is literally not that good and pleasant as a performer.

Recently, Gab posted several ‘selfie’ videos of himself doing odd acts. Those were videos that only her mom would appreciate because those were bordering eccentric and annoying. Netizens also criticized Gab’s ‘ugly’ looks and his foul character, which supposedly could be attested by ex-girlfriends Rachelle Anne Go and Isabel Oli.

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Wife Of Gary Valenciano Criticized Online Due To A Tweet

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