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Derek Ramsay Promises To Cristine Reyes’ Mom That He Won’t Talk About Breakup Again

Derek Ramsay was present at the recent trade launch of new TV5 shows held last October 2, Wednesday. It was seen by showbiz reporters as an opportunity to ask him about the status of his relationship with Cristine Reyes. Their whirlwind romance supposedly ended before weekend last week for unknown reasons.

In that trade launch, many showbiz reporters naturally approached him to ask for even a short interview. But Derek politely turned down those requests. That was odd because for some time now, he has created a reputation that he is fond of talking in front of TV cameras and recorders.

So what did Derek say to appease those press people who were asking for a short interview? The TV5 actor said he could not talk about the recent breakup with Cristine anymore because he promised her mom that he would not speak a word again about that split-up.

Cristine’s mom

Mommy Klenk, as she is fondly called in show business, is the supportive mom of Cristine and Ara Mina. Many reporters noticed that Derek seemed like he wanted to talk and reveal juicy information but he is apparently held back by his promise to Mommy Klenk.

So, this means that showbiz observers would keep on entertaining speculations in their minds. In the past days, many people were trying to find possible reasons behind the short-lived romance. One angle was that Derek allegedly disliked rumors that Cristine supposedly had a sex video scandal with ex-boyfriend Rayver Cruz that is about to leak soon.

More speculations

Now that both parties refrain to give details about the breakup, speculations keep on emerging. Another rumor about that breakup is that Derek allegedly got mad when he found out that Cristine is still seeing the supposed gym instructor ex-boyfriend of her. It could be recalled that the gym instructor is supposedly married with kids.

Another speculation is that Derek allegedly could not take any longer Cristine’s feisty and strong attitude. Many attest that she is the dominating and aggressive type based on how she was seen around Rayver when they were still together.

Just a gimmick?

But another speculation has surfaced that would surely raise both Derek and Cristine’s brows. According to reports, the two actually did not have a relationship. Thus, there was no split-up. The supposed romance was allegedly just a part of promotions to create some noise for their upcoming movie, ’Trophy Wife,’ which would also star Heart Evangelista.

In another angle, some people claim that Derek and Cristine did not breakup. They allegedly just acted as if they broke up to create some noise. According to sources, Derek spent the whole night of September 30 with Cristine at her place. Thus, they are expected to announce soon that they have patched things up and got back together in time for the promo of their movie.

The truth shall come out, no matter what. For now, their fans could only wait and see what happens next.

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Derek Ramsay Promises To Cristine Reyes’ Mom That He Won’t Talk About Breakup Again

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