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JJ Barretto Reveals That Sister Claudine Helped Him Go To Drug Rehab Years Ago

The saga of the unraveling feud among the Barretto family of showbiz continues. Last week, in her own press conference, Claudine Barretto announced that she does not consider sisters Gretchen and Marjorie as family. That is after the two siblings, together with their brother JJ, submitted affidavits to back Raymart Santiago’s claims that Claudine is a drug addict.

Raymart, the estranged husband of Claudine, two weeks ago released evidences that will back his allegations that she is a drug dependent. Gretchen, Marjorie, and JJ also gave their own accounts that will back Raymart’s claims. Claudine, through her Instagram account, instantly posted the message, “You don’t ruin the people you love.”

As expected, Marjorie and Gretchen were quick to defend their stance on the issue. They asserted that they were forced to give affidavits because Claudine mentioned them in her own legal complaint against Raymart. Gretchen even revealed many other shocking revelations about how the family used to send Claudine to rehab facilities in the country and abroad.

JJ as a loving brother

This time, brother JJ’s time to say his piece has arrived. Joaquin Jose or JJ is an older brother of Claudine, Gretchen, and Marjorie. In his own Instagram account, JJ said he just wants to bring back the old Claudine that they used to love.

JJ recalled that he had been close to Claudine for a long time. He assured the latter that he still loves her as her older brother. This issue has made many showbiz insiders to recall JJ’s revelation some months ago when he was interviewed by Yes! Magazine.

In that interview, JJ revealed that he was once a drug addict himself. It was Claudine who helped him to overcome his addiction. She funded his rehabilitation, which eventually lead to his reformation. Today, JJ asserts that he would forever be grateful to Claudine for giving him a second chance to enjoy life.

Payback time

That is why JJ thinks that it is now his duty to help Claudine out. He also prefers it if Claudine would be sent to a drug rehabilitation facility so she could have a second chance in life. That way, he asserted, the nice and kind-hearted Claudine could emerge again.

JJ agrees with his Instagram followers’ observation that their parents are somehow consenting Claudine’s bad deeds. In response to a follower’s post, JJ recently said he is asking for everyone’s prayers so her old sister Claudine could be finally back.

JJ made headlines last April when he came out to the public to defend Gretchen against their mother’s hurtful comments. He has claimed that it was Gretchen who served as their family’s breadwinner in her teen years when their dad lost his lucrative job.

Since then, JJ seemed to have taken sides. She is more identified with Gretchen and Marjorie, who are fighting against most other members of their family.

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JJ Barretto Reveals that Sister Claudine Helped Him Go to Drug Rehab Years Ago

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