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Sunshine Cruz Wants An Annulment From Cesar Montano

Sunshine Cruz has finally closed her door on estranged husband, award-winning actor Cesar Montano, after more than a decade of marriage. This was, Sunshine said, after years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Though they haven't talked about getting annuled yet, the comeback actress is adamant this should happen soon for their own sake. She said Cesar also deserves to be happy--in a way she has not been able to provide for him.

She also wanted to move on with her life, and find someone eventually who can love and respect her all through her life.

The actress kidded it would be best if Cesar can be the one to file the annulment, so she doesn't have to spend a single centavo for it. She admitted, however, they haven't talked about it yet. She is only hopeful they will eventually see eye-to-eye with regards to their legal separation.

Sunshine believes it will also be beneficial for their kids to see them happier while living separately. They haven't talked ever since Sunshine filed the RA 9262 case against the actor.
Cesar And Sunshine Cruz
They are also in the middle of a custody battle for their three daughters, who stayed with Cesar for three weeks after they separated. Sunshine said she had to do what she did (which is to make the case public) because she missed her daughters already.

Although the actress wanted to remain quiet regarding the issue, she had to fight for her rights as well as for her kids' rights. Sunshine maintained, however, that she never intended to take away Cesar's rights as a father to their three daughters.

After everything that happened, Sunshine doesn't regret falling in love with the actor. For her, love is still a gift she has to nourish. It was a good feeling, she said, to fall in love, get hurt, get jealous and eventually give up. She had learned a lot of things in her years of marriage.

Also, she has a stronger faith in God now than before. She proved to herself that God wouldn't give her anything she wouldn't be able to take on. At first, she thought she was going to die with the mere thought of losing Cesar, her first love.

After a while, she learned how to move on from it and how God wanted her to see things. Sunshine has already forgiven Cesar for everything that happened between them. Although there is still so much pain in her heart, she had to forgive him as a Christian.

Her children understand the situation with their father. They never asked Sunshine to get back together with Cesar. In fact, the actress shared her daughters said she should find her own happiness as well.

"That sooner or later, sana raw, makahanap daw ako ng someone who will love and respect me, at mamahalin din daw sila."

For now though, Sunshine has no plans to fall in love. She wants to save some money first because she will be transferring to a new house next year, and she will also need to enroll her daughters in a new school.

Also, this is the first time in many years that she has been given projects again.

As for her lovelife, Sunshine believes it will come when it is destined to come. She added if it doesn't, she will be happy nonetheless with her three daughters. That's her priority and focus: her daughters and her career.

The actress maintained, however, she doesn't want to grow old and alone. She felt she deserved to be happy, loved and respected.

No one's pursuing her right now, the actress insisted, despite of rumors linking her to certain men. She knows it will be hard for someone to accept her and her three daughters. Aside from that, she is still not technically single.

"So, hindi ko muna iniisip and wala munang lalaking iniisip."

The opportunities that popped open for her are signs that she really has to move forward, Sunshine said. She added that she had a hard time moving on before because she has no career and no job. But now, she just ended "Dugong Buhay" and started "Galema."

She also came back as an endorser of Ever Bilena after 15 years.

Sunshine lost confidence before because she felt ugly and old. She said there are a lot of new faces in showbiz right now, and she felt she couldn't compete with them anymore.

But with God's grace, Sunshine was able to stand up again. "From the projects, from my kids, and from my friends I’m knowing right now, and for people trusting me, I couldn’t ask for more."

For now, she is focused on all the positive things that are coming her way. Despite of all the things she has to go through these past months, something good still happened to her.

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Sunshine Cruz Wants An Annulment From Cesar Montano

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