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Ogie Diaz Does A Social Experiment; Asks ‘Friends’ To Lend Him Money

It’s difficult to distinguish fair-weather friends from real friends who will stick with us through thick and thin. But for showbiz columnist Ogie Diaz, it is just nice to know that he has more than enough friends in the show business who will be more than willing to extend a helping hand in times of need.

Ogie may literally be on a financial crunch these days. That is because he has just lost a hosting job when his weekly showbiz talk show ‘Showbiz Insider Report’ was cancelled by ABS-CBN. He is also currently not doing any support role in any teleserye. His income may be suffering a setback but the demand of his growing family to spend is not curtailed.

It is a common knowledge in the biz that despite being openly gay, Ogie has a family. He has a wife and several children who are all attending school. He has several small investments on his own but for sure, losing a steady stream of regular income could be crippling.

Borrowing money

So if he suddenly needs a huge amount of money and he has scarce savings in his bank accounts, where can Ogie possibly outsource financing? Aside from possibly taking bank loans and selling some small properties, the gay showbiz reporter can’t help but wonder if his friends in the business will be willing to extend a helping hand.

That prompted Ogie to devise and run a little social experiment. To find out who among his friends in the business will be reliable in times of need, he asked a number of them if he can lend money in the amount of about P30,000. So who among those celebrities will be willing to lend him that amount?

Among those who responded in affirmative were comedian Vhong Navarro, Erik Santos, Ai Ai delas Alas, John Estrada, Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd Cruz, Carmina Villaroel, and Luis Manzano. Ogie noted that most of those celebrities immediately replied to his text message and asked him to meet with them that night or the following day. Some promised to make bank deposits to transfer the amount to Ogie’s account.

Raising the amount

Ogie then decided to take his little social experiment to the next level. When he raised the amount he was supposed to borrow to P50,000, Ai Ai immediately responded with a big ‘Yes.’ It was not clear if Ogie obtained the same responses from the other Good Celebrity Samaritans.

For the case of Coco Martin, it was different. He immediately said ‘yes’ but he politely asked Ogie if he can lend just P20,000 because he is currently paying for more and bigger expenses as he is having his dream house constructed. Coco also said he would give the amount because one of Ogie’s children is his goddaughter.

Fortunately, Ogie did not actually need the money. He did not meet any of those celebrities to get the amount. But he informed them that he was just running a social experiment. More details and insights of this little test conducted by Ogie can be obtained from his personal blog.

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Ogie Diaz Does a Social Experiment; Asks ‘Friends’ to Lend Him Money

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