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Marian Rivera Grateful To Work With Vilma Santos In Indie Film

Marian Rivera said that she was grateful for the chance to work with Star for all Seasons Vilma Santos-Recto at her first independent movie Ekstra—an entry for the Cinemalaya 2013 film festival.

PEP.PH was able to talk with Rivera during the taping of the said film. She said that when she first arrived in the set, Santos-Recto thanked her profusely for guesting in her indie film. Rivera said that she felt that she was really an actress now that she has worked with the Star for all Seasons.

One of the most memorable scene for her, she said, was the one wherein Santos-Recto had to serve her food in a restaurant. They also have other scenes with Piolo Pascual, also a guest in the show.

Working for free

Rivera said that she didn’t receive even a single cent when she agreed to work for Ekstra. She said that she had “no second thoughts” when she said yes to the project because it was a chance for her to work with the Batangas governor.

She added that she has heard many things about working with the Star for all Seasons, so she wanted to experience it for herself. Rivera said that it was indeed an incredible feeling because Santos-Recto was very caring and thoughtful.

Rivera said the governor even brought for her some delicacies, and asked her to bring them home for her family.

Aside from Santos-Recto, Rivera was also able to work with Pascual for the first time. She said that she and Pascual played the lovebirds in a television series in the film, which was directed by Jeffrey Jeturian.

Rivera shared that there is one memorable scene in the film, but she couldn’t reveal yet what it is. She was asked whether she will have a kissing scene with Pascual, who she has shared some television commercials with.

She said that Jeturian has yet to tell them if they will have a kissing scene. But Rivera said that she has no qualms to do her work if needed.

Rivera has an every-other-day taping for GMA’s Temptation of Wife, but she said that she asked some of her schedules to be pushed back, so she can work for Ekstra.

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marian rivera grateful to work with vilma santos in indie film

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