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Detractors Help Megan Young Become A Stronger Person

For the first time, Miss World Megan Young was asked about the negative and racist remarks made against her by an online basher named Divina Dediva.

Instead of getting distracted by such comments, Megan said she is actually thankful because these helped her become a stronger person. The beauty queen took the time to thank those who prayed and cheered for her during the contest on September 28.

Divina said in her Twitter posts that she was surprised a Filipina can win in beauty pageants since she only knew them as maids. She also said Filipinos are smelly and that they are good for only cleaning toilets. She has since apologized for her words, and reports said she was dismissed from her job. Divina worked as an assistant teacher in a school run by Filipino supervisors.

She was the first Filipina to bring home the elusive blue crown. Since she already feels so blessed, Megan has no room in her heart for hatred against those who speak ill of her.

During the press conference held at the Solar Resort and Casino, Megan related how exhilarating it is for her to be interviewed on BBC in London. There, questions were thrown at her by BBC broadcaster Mishal Husain. Megan said she was very nervous about being on stage but once she was there, she realized how similar it is to what she does back in the Philippines.

Many people were awed by her intelligence and the way she handled herself all throughout the interview. Megan said it was an experience she would never forget. During her reign as Miss World, the actress and model will be based in London.

The beauty queen also went to Cannes, France to attend the annual MIPCOM trade event. There, she met network bosses from Europe, South America and from other parts of the world. It was a different experience for her to be able to rub elbows with all these people, Megan said.

But what was very special for her was touring and walking around Cannes, a place she has always wanted to go to. She said it was a very romantic place, and that one feels he/she is in a movie by just simply walking down the street.

Aside from these nice places, she is also set to visit African communities in Kenya and Tugana. She can't help but feel excited for the upcoming tours. Since she almost went to all Asian countries, Megan feels it is time to see other culture, language, people and places. In fact, because of all the places she is scheduled to go, Megan is finding it hard to pick just one favorite.

The beauty queen is proud she is able to bring home the crown to the Philippines. But aside from that, she also wants people to get involved in the charity projects of Miss World. She said her crown is not just about being beautiful and glamorous, her main purpose is to send a message to the people about what Miss World is all about.

"That’s what I want to do, to get people involved in the organization."

Now that she is finally having some time to think about what she wants to do with her newfound power, Megan said she will once again be active in her social networking sites. She has always been an active user of Instagram and Twitter, but she wasn't able to find the time lately to update those. However, the beauty queen saw just how much social media can affect people.

This revelation, she said, pushed her to commit herself into updating her social sites daily as to what's happening with her and what charities she is currently involved in.

"I think social media has a big part in what we’re doing today with the organization. Because it’s the message that you give out, it’s the reach that social media actually does around the globe."

Meanwhile, Miss World Philippines organizer Cory Quirino shared that when they were in Bali, Indonesia before the coronation, she already had an inkling that Megan will win the crown. She likened the actress-model to a magnet because everybody gets attracted to her.

Cory said that everywhere she goes, after the Miss World Philippines pageant, people would come up to her just to say Megan is "the one." For the first time in Cory's life, she had such a strong feeling that it's time Manila gets that blue crown.

"It was more than a feeling, more than an intuition. And it is the combined effort of Filipinos who prayed for her."

Even Julie Moley, Miss World organization president, said Megan was a special candidate. Everyone took notice of her from the get-go. She topped the preliminary interviews and she topped all the competitions after that, she added.

Aside from being gorgeous, the Miss World organization also wants someone who has a purpose, and who has a passionate heart to help those in need.

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Detractors Help Megan Young Become A Stronger Person

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