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Lovi Poe Walks Out On Taping Of GMA-7 Game Show ‘Celebrity Bluff’

Is the swell-headed Lovi Poe showing off her attitude in some of her showbiz commitments lately? For those who may not be aware, Lovi may think that she is already ‘made.’ The Kapuso actress may think that she is already a popular star to begin with because she now has her own primetime series in GMA-7, which unfortunately is not doing that well on the ratings measure.

Just recentlty, Lovi allegedly tried to throw her weight around when she walked out of the taping of GMA-7 game show ‘Celebrity Bluff.’ The actress may not be able to deny the incident because it was already confirmed not just by the production of the show but also by some of the other celebrities who were present in the same taping day.

So what made her walk out of the set? In fairness to Lovi, the production said she was professional enough to show up on the set earlier than expected. She was jolly and was in the mood when she arrived but something came out along the way that unleashed the attitude in her.

Issues about being a contestant

According to reliable sources, when she was being briefed by the show’s staff about her participation in the game show episode, Lovi suddenly stood up and asked the program managers to make her a panelist of the show instead of as a contestant. In that episode, the show was supposed to have as contestants the stars from Lovi’s primetime show ‘Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas.’

Apparently, Lovi did not like the idea of being a mere contestant together with her co-stars in the show. She insisted to become the celebrity ‘Gangnam’ that night. But the production could not give in to her request because Dennis Trillo was supposed to take that part in the episode.

Some members of the production also pointed out that Lovi had explained to them that as much as possible, she does not want to join game shows because she does not want to compete with anyone. Lovi thought her manager and handler agreed that she would be a celebrity judge for the show. It turned out, they did not inform her that she would just be a contestant.

Leaving the set

Even if she was already fully made up and accessorized for the show, Lovi had no choice but to leave the set. It was not clear if she left politely or if she made another scene. Her co-actors in her TV series were quick to defend her. They assured that game show’s production that Lovi is a professional actress and that she does not walk out on the set.

It could be recalled that this is not the first time that a similar misunderstanding happened between a celebrity guest and the production of ‘Celebrity Bluff.’ Earlier this year, standup comedian Ate Gay also walked out of the set of the show because he thought he would appear as among the celebrity gangnam or panelists and not as a contestant.

Apparently, Ate Gay also had issues about being a game show contestant. Well, Ate Gay and Lovi now have one thing in common.

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Lovi Poe Walks Out on Taping of GMA-7 Game Show ‘Celebrity Bluff’

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