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Erik Santos Admits Insecurity With Christian Bautista Before

Even the greatest of them all experiences some sort of insecurity when it comes to his career and talent. Erik Santos admitted he got insecure with fellow singer Christian Bautista because he was the one who always has a hit song outside the Philippines.

He would be a hypocrite if he didn't admit to jealousy among the Champions, a group he is in with Christian, Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go. Erik believed it is only normal that he will find some insecurity with his co-Champions.

But Erik said he was able to surpass this stage. And in fact, he was also open with Christian about the said insecurities. Also, there is a certain competition among them when it comes to hitting the high notes.

When one of them hits a high note, the others will normally try to hit higher notes. Also, they want to surpass the success of the singles they release.

It's a healthy competition though, Erik said. In the long run, he realized that what is important is the sustainability and the longevity of the artist.

Aside from their success in their respective careers (wherein Christian enjoyed a far successful career outside the Philippines), the two also competed for Rachelle's heart.

Eventually, Rachelle and Christian became an item. Erik pointed out though that Christian graciously told him that he's also pursuing Rachelle.

That time, a lot of them are after the singer, Erik said.

Now that they are both single, does Erik have any plans of pursuing Rachelle? The singer said they already have an established friendship, and that is more important for him than any romantic relations.

Every month, the Champions catch up with each other. They also talk almost every day. Even Popstar Princess Sarah, obviously the most successful of the Champions, would go with them for dinners and such.

In fact, Sarah even asked for their advice with regards to her stint as a judge-mentor in "The Voice of the Philippines." The Popstar Princess asked them to watch the show and tell her who between Klarisse de Guzman and Morissette Amon she should choose.

Sarah told them she is finding it hard to choose between the two contestants.

Erik admits he is feeling pressured to settle down already because he is already at a marrying age. He is 31 years old. Asked about the traits he wants in a woman, Erik admitted he would want someone who's beautiful especially because he will be waking up beside her every day.

The singer said he's already looking for that someone. He usually dates non-showbiz girls, but hasn't found the one yet.

For now, the singer just chose to focus on his career while also looking for that someone he can spend the rest of his life with. He has an upcoming concert titled "InTENse."

His guests are Ai-Ai Delas Alas, Yeng Constantino, Angeline Quinto, Pops Fernandez and Regine Velasquez. Erik expressed his gratitude to his guests because he didn't have a hard time inviting them.

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Erik Santos Admits Insecurity With Christian Bautista Before

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