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John Prats Implies That Ex-GF Bianca Manalo Was A ‘Materialistic’ Girlfriend

Last week, John Prats turned vocal about his plans to eventually marry current girlfriend Isabel OIi. A few days after, showbiz press people interviewed his former girlfriend Rachelle Ann Go, who said she is wishing the couple well in their plans to tie the knot soon.

But another ex-girlfriend is yet to say her piece about the rumored wedding plans. That is no other than actress and former beauty queen Bianca Manalo. But it seems that Bianca prefers to keep mum about it. After all, it is quite obvious that she has finally moved on from what she once described as a ‘traumatic’ breakup with John.

Several months ago, Bianca announced that she has a new non-showbiz boyfriend. She even posted their pictures together in her social media accounts. Since then, nothing has been heard about their relationship. But recently, she disclosed that they are still together and their love and commitment to each other is getting stronger.

John’s surprising bitterness

However, John still sounds bitter whenever he is asked about Bianca. This startles many showbiz observers. That is because as far as they could remember, it was Bianca who seemed more devastated over their breakup. And there were even rumors that it was John who called it quits in their once rosy romance.

That is why many showbiz insiders and reporters were surprised when John was recently interviewed by them during the press conference of his latest show in ABS-CBN, the reality series ‘I Dare You.’ Although he did not drop names, John was quick to declare that what he loves the most about Isabel was that she is not ‘materialistic’ unlike another woman he once dated.

’Bilmoko’ girl

The exact term he used was ‘bilmoko girl,’ which is known to refer to a woman who constantly asks for expensive presents from her boyfriend. Showbiz insiders were quick to assume that John was referring to Bianca because they recalled that back in the days when the two were still together, there have been issues about Bianca reportedly asking expensive gifts from John. That, according to sources, was why John immediately decided to ditch Bianca.

Anyway, from the looks of it, John seems to be really serious in his intentions for Isabel. Many showbiz observers have noticed that he is head over heels in love with her. Isabel, for her part, also looks happy and contented about what she has with her current boyfriend. She has also been involved with several traumatic breakups in the past.

John has already declared that he has plans to marry Bianca not once but twice. That is obviously an effort to further please her future wife. But as many showbiz observers opined, he should stop making nasty comments, even indirectly about Bianca. For now, John and Bianca may have less chance of bumping into each other because the latter is currently busy doing projects for TV5 while John is still loyal to ABS-CBN.

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John Prats Implies that Ex-GF Bianca Manalo was a ‘Materialistic’ Girlfriend

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