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Movie Poster And Trailer For "Bekikang" Are Released

Viva Films has come out with the movie poster and trailer for the movie "Bekikang," which stars Joey Paras in his first major movie. The film was directed by box-office director Wenn Deramas.

It follows the story of Bekikang (Paras) who grew up to loving parents Gorio and Maristela. Although he is bullied outside their home, he nonetheless grew up with so much love to give because of his parents. However, tragedy soon strikes as Maristela died and his father Gorio married another woman by the name of Anacleta.

Bekikang and Anacleta never saw eye to eye, which led to Bekikang's miserable life in his once happy home. The only upside is he met Fortunato. They instantly hit it off and became friends. Fortunato, on the other hand, met Natalia, a waitress at a local cafeteria.

Bekikang soon found out that Natalie and Fortunato fell in love, and are already expecting a baby. Soon thereafter, Natalie gave birth to Potpot. She left for Japan, leaving her son to Fortunato. Needing to go abroad and work for his family, Fortunato left Potpot to Bekikang with a promise of a monthly support.

All these promises were left unfulfilled, so Bekikang had to work for Potpot's future. Seven years have passed when Bekikang saw Fortunato and Natalie together. They have reconciled and living a life of luxury. What worse is they want to get Potpot from Bekikang's custody.

Potpot, however, run away to find Bekikang, who he considers his family.

Tom Rodriguez, Carla Humphries, Nikki Valdez, JM Ibanez and Tirso Cruz III joins Joey as cast members.

“Bekikang: Ang Nanay Kong Beki” will hit theaters nationwide on October 23, 2013.

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Movie Poster And Trailer For

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