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KC Concepcion Denies Rumors Linking Her To NBA Player Chandler Parsons

KC Concepcion said she will never try to steal someone else's boyfriend, which effectively dismisses any rumors linking her to National Basketball Association (NBA) Houston Rockets player Chandler Parsons.

KC clarified that what happened was that they had a group date or a welcome dinner for Chandler who was here with his teammates for the pre-season game with Indiana Pacers. She wasn't even the one who revealed they had dinner together since Chandler admitted before KC that they had dinner.

This led to the Instagram posting of KC showing her, Chandler and their friends having dinner together.

They also didn't meet through Twitter as what other people thought. She met Chandler through their common friends, Tim and Jeremy Lin, who love doing charity works in the country. It was also Chandler who first followed her on Twitter.

Asked about what her suitors' reactions would be, KC said the dinner date should be like a test to them already--whether they can act cool about it or not.

She doesn't even know much about basketball, and the Pacers-Rockets game was the first time she watched a game. Chandler, she added, was not initially aware that she was an actress. It just came up later on, KC said.

As for their supposed "dinner date," KC said there were 15 of them in a function room, so they were very comfortable there. She added that she was not aware how the dinner was arranged because the NBA was very strict.

The next day, Chandler admitted to her that the press asked him about the actress. KC was surprised that Chandler talked about her because she knew she would also have to answer questions about the basketball player.

KC did not post their pictures on her social networking accounts because she knew a lot of people would react about it. However, when Chandler started to talk about her already, she decided to post a snippet of their dinner together.

That was when netizens started criticizing KC for boasting about the said dinner, with some saying Chandler will not be serious with the actress while others bashed her since the basketball player already has a girlfriend.

"'Damn if you do, damn if you don’t.'"

When they had dinner, they didn't even talk about basketball or about her job as an actress. They just talked about general and mundane stuff, the actress said.

Asked for her reaction regarding Chandler's comments that she is a "great girl" and that he is looking forward to working with her, KC thanked the basketball player. Also, she said he may be referring to the charity works he plans to do here in the future.

Aside from these things, KC and Chandler also talked about the basketball player's branding in the NBA. Although he is branded as a rock star, Chandler said he wants to be seen as a "boy-next-door."

Now that Chandler already left Manila, KC admitted they are still in communication. But when further prodded how they talk (whether through phone or social media), the actress-TV host said she would rather not comment.

She was also asked if she felt giddy during her dinner with the basketball player: "Hindi. Ayokong kiligin. Ayokong kiligin sa isang taong may girlfriend na. So, hindi talaga."

In the future, if a guy would pursue KC, his relationship status should be clear from the start. The actress-TV host reiterated she and Chandler are just friends for now.

Also, she wanted to support anything that would take the Filipinos' minds off the problems the country is facing. Things like the Miss World and the NBA can really uplift the Pinoy spirits, she added.

And by showing these foreigners the fun side of the Philippines, KC believes she can also assure them as tourists that there's nothing they should be afraid of when it comes to the Philippines.

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KC Concepcion Denies Rumors Linking Her To NBA Player Chandler Parsons

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