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Psychiatrist Gives Unsolicited Advice To Freddie Aguilar And 16-Year-Old GF

Freddie Aguilar has succeeded in creating controversy, if that was his intention when he recently came out to the public to introduce his 16-year-old girlfriend. The 60-year-old local music icon has been out of public radar for quite some time but now he has suddenly acquired attention because of his colorful and controversial love life.

His admission about falling in love with a much younger woman has raised an issue that is being tackled by society these days. Across the social media, it is not surprising that Freddie is drawing mostly criticisms. Is he a pedophile? Could he be charged of child abuse?

Do such May-December affairs last a lifetime? Some showbiz observers have tried to ask the experts on their take about such controversial decisions. Showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz interviewed a psychiatrist on the DZMM radio program ‘Mismo,’ where he pinch hits for absentee host Jobert Sucaldito.

Psychiatrist’s take

Dr. Bernadette M. Arcena is an adult psychiatrist who regularly practices her profession in St. Luke’s Medical Center. She asserted that it is indeed a dilemma for a minor to have a romantic relationship with a much older man.

She warned that in most cases like this, it is usually the younger one who is bearing the burden. That is because the young individual would surely be not mature enough to handle the challenges and the consequences of his or her action.

The psychiatrist further warned that there would be greater dilemma if there is responsibility involved. Dr. Arcena said there would be a greater problem if the couple would have a baby. That is because the young woman would have a different level of stability.

She added that in Freddie’s case, the age gap between him and his girlfriend would affect how both of them would handle adjustments and even take possible responsibilities coming in their odd relationship. It could be normal for them to feel that they should fight for their love. But in the end, that love would have to be tested and the consequence might not be likely.

Continuous guidance

In the end, she advised such couples to do what pleases them. But they should still make sure that they fully understand their situation and the consequences of their decisions and actions.

For the parent of the young woman, the psychiatrist told them to stand by their daughter’s side no matter what happens. She advised the parents to always be there to guide and support their child especially during this time that their guidance and advice are more needed.

For his part, Freddie said he remains unfazed even by the staunchest criticisms. He reiterated that he does not feel sorry dating a minor. He even disclosed plans to marry her even before she turns 18 years old. Freddie asserted that he is ready to face all challenges that may come their way because he is in love.

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Psychiatrist Gives Unsolicited Advice to Freddie Aguilar and 16-Year-Old GF

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