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Anabelle Rama To Chito Alcid: “May He Rest In Peace!”

Entertainment writer and live show producer Chito Alcid passed away last Monday, October 14. He was then under hospital confinement in St. Luke’s Medical Center in the The Fort Global City. His demise was not a surprise because a few months before it, he came out to the public to announce that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer, which that time was at a terminal stage. He said he was given 6 months to live.

As of this writing, Chito’s remains have been cremated. To most people, he was still very lucky to have been given the chance to correct all his mistakes and to apologize humbly to all those celebrities he had offended and fought with in the past. In several media interviews, he did not fail to mention most of those stars he had been at odds with from starlets to big stars.

Chito had become controversial last year when he figured in an altercation with feisty stage mother and talent manager Anabelle Rama during the wake of Dolphy in Heritage Park. That incident provided comic relief to the grieving people in the event. That was because the two really created a scene as Anabelle was seen chasing Chito with something in her hand. The function room where they incidentally met was filled by tension and screams.

Mortal enemies

It was a common knowledge then that Chito and Anabelle were mortal enemies then. That stemmed from the earlier rift of Anabelle and former movie queen Amalia Fuentes. Obviously, Chito took Amalia’s side. He had been vocal in criticizing Anabelle’s family from her and Eddie Gutierrez to their children Ruffa and Richard. The two even exchanged legal charges filed against each other.

That was why it became a surprise when Chito went to the media one day to humbly ask for Anabelle’s forgiveness. That was the time he disclosed that he was dying of cancer. Since then, Anabelle refused to talk about him and their rift. But according to sources, the two reconciled when Chito pulled out all his charges against Anabelle. They were even spotted hugging each other when they once met in a regional trial court.

‘Rest in peace’

When Chito died this week, Anabelle was nowhere in sight. That was because she is currently in the US to do some personal errands. But she was informed about her former enemy’s death. In a statement, she said she is sad and sorry about Chito’s demise.

Her striking message was “May he rest in peace!” Anabelle said she is happy that they ended their rift and forgave each other before Chito succumbed to his illness. Anabelle may not be in the country to go to his wake and even to his interment. But the controversial talent manager disclosed that she has offered a mass for the repose of his soul. This finally ends the chapter on the amusing and entertaining feud between a feisty mom/talent manager and a loud gay entertainment writer.

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Anabelle Rama to Chito Alcid: “May He Rest in Peace!”

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