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Claudine Barretto Reminds Sisters Of Her Good Deeds

Claudine Barretto knows they cannot mend their family anymore, especially after the brutal beating it got because of her issues with estranged husband Raymart Santiago.

However, she said she is praying that her sisters--Gretchen and Marjorie--would be able to remember how she stood by them through all the years they needed her. She reminded them that she never left or forsaken them. Claudine wished her elder sisters would stop listening to the "enemy."

Gretchen and Marjorie have both directly and indirectly seconded Raymart's claims that Claudine is a drug addict. Claudine denied these allegations.

Amid all these troubles, she shared just how much she misses her nieces and nephews--(from Marjorie) Julia, Claui, Dani and Leon; (from Gretchen) Dominique.

Although she knows she and her sisters cannot mend their relationship anymore, she is still hoping she will be able to see her nieces and nephews. She also reminded Gretchen and Marjorie that she will never include their children in their quarrels.

Gretchen and Marjorie crossed that line, Claudine said, when they started dragging her children--Santino and Sabina--into the issues.

Claudine then showed the class cards of both her children who have been getting good grades from school. She said they are being affected by the issues surrounding her and Raymart, but they are able to cope because of Claudine's good relationships with their schools.

Santino is attending Ateneo de Manila while Sabina is in Montessori. Her adopted daughter even has four recognitions from her school. Right now, the actress is focused on her children because they needed all the explanations she can offer about what is happening with her and Raymart.

She prays a lot, the actress said, adding that she even prays for her estranged husband--that he may finally realize going public with the custody case will never be good for their kids. The day before the first hearing for the habeas corpus case filed by Raymart, Claudine had to take the children to a psychiatrist at St. Luke's, so they will be able to understand what is about to happen.

Somehow, Claudine said her children became such strong persons that they know there will soon be an end to all of these, and that everything will go back to normal. The actress claimed Sabina and Santino are being bullied at school because of the negative comments thrown her way. Since both of them are quite grown up now, they are able to understand what Raymart has been saying about her.

Meanwhile, Claudine remained mum about the cases she and Raymart have filed against each other. Although she can file for an annulment already, she is still waiting for the right time because her children will be traumatized again.

Besides, she is not in a hurry to marry again, so an annulment is not really a priority.

Can she and Raymart be friends? That is what the actress really wanted--to be friends with her estranged husband for their children. But Claudine said she cannot force anyone who doesn't want to cooperate even for the sake of their children.

She just hopes Raymart can stop the accusations and the betrayals because she doesn't want Santino to grow up acting like that, or for Sabina to marry someone who is not going to respect her.

And since she has no husband who can protect her and their children, Claudine said she finds strength to stand up for herself because there were injustices done to her.

In fact, Claudine said the court will not grant the temporary protection order she sought against Raymart if there is no basis. "And I just want the abuse to stop, na huwag na pati mga anak ko. Sana tumigil na sa akin."

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Claudine Barretto Reminds Sisters Of Her Good Deeds

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