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Ka Freddie’s 16yo GF Professes Love: “Basta Love Ko Siya, Iyon ‘yon.”

A lot of people may be criticizing their unorthodox relationship but Freddie Aguilar’s girlfriend says that it’s really simple: age does not matter when it comes to love.

Aguilar and the young girl, who ABS-CBN says they confirmed to really be only 16 years old, spoke with Mario Dumaual and professed their love for one another.

It seems the girl is oblivious to the criticisms being thrown their way.

According to her: “Age doesn’t matter talaga. Mahal ko siya.”

She added proudly: “Wala na akong pakialam kung anong nakaraan niya, kung ano siya. Basta love ko siya, iyon 'yon.”

In another part of the interview, she also had a message to critics.

“Pag na-inlove kayo, maiintindihan niyo rin ako... Ako, nandito na ako sa stage na 16 palang ako, pero alam ko na na matured na 'yung puso ko para magmahal,” she said.

The still unnamed girl, who is called “babe” by Aguilar and who has been with him for the past five months, revealed to Dumaual that she met Aguilar after a campaign sortie in Mindoro.

This echoes another report from GMA News that Aguilar gave while he was with the girl inside the GMA compound this week. During that interview, Aguilar went on in length about how the two met. These details were also shared by Aguilar to Dumaual.

According to Ka Freddie, he was at a campaign in Mindoro when he met the girl. He said he did not know that she was a minor then.

From the looks of the girl in Dumaual’s interview, we can understand why he would take her to be older than she really is.

Aguilar told GMA News then that there were a lot of people in the crowd but that he immediately noticed the girl. It was like she stood out of the crowd, the “Anak” singer said.

He added that when the girl approached him after his performance to have their picture taken, he immediately knew that this was the girl he noticed among the people in the crowd.

Aguilar said that after taking the picture with the girl, he slipped her his calling card. The two texted each other for a time which was where he first wooed the girl and the rest, as they say, is history. Or should we say current hot showbiz news?


So how exactly did this relationship start out between the two?

The couple revealed details that have not yet been revealed about the relationship and how it started.

According to the girl, she did not believe that Aguilar was interested in her at first wondering whether everything was a joke. She also revealed she did not feel any “love at first sight”.

“Actually noong una, hindi eh. Akala ko joke lang eh. Kasi nga, 'diba, celebrity siya eh. Ta's ako simpleng tao lang ako do'n. Sabi ko, 'Joke ba 'to?'” she said.

However, she still decided to contact Ka Freddie through the card he gave her - a card which, for a time, got lost but was eventually found.

She said she was just “bored” and was registered to an unlimited text promo that time that’s why she decided to text Aguilar.

Their exchange of messages were run of the mill, the girl revealed, saying: “Tapos nag-text ako sa kanya, tapos 'yung mga text niya... sakay-sakay din lang.”

However, she followed this up with the revelation that when she went to Manila, she stayed at Aguilar’s house for 12 days.

“Tapos nung nakipagkita ako sa kanya sa Maynila, nag-stay ako sa bahay niya. Mga 12 days ako do'n,” she said.

After this stay in Manila in Aguilar’s house, the girl said she could not sleep and stop thinking about Aguilar when she was back home in Naujan where she grew up.

“Pag-uwi ko sa'min, do'n ko naramdaman na love ko na pala 'yon. Akala ko joke lang. Pagdating ko sa'min, hindi ako makatulog, laging iniisip ko siya,” she said.

According to her, she told her mom about this saying she is going home. Her mother asked where “home” would be because this was her home. She said she will go home to “Freddie” admitting she loved him.

Her mother then warned her about Aguilar. “Anak, mahirap 'yan, kasi, 'diba, celebrity 'yan. Maraming babae 'yan,” her mom reportedly told her.

She replied saying, “Ma, okay lang 'yon, basta mahal ko siya.” Apparently, her mother gave her permission to return to Freddie.

As for when they became an official couple, Aguilar also shared details about this.

It seems that the singer asked the girl to be his girlfriend through text.

According to Aguilar, the girl did not reply when he texted her so he said that she should disregard his text. Later on, the girl replied saying that she was just busy.

The girl also recounted this moment telling Dumaual: “Sabi niya sa akin, 'Ano, pwede ba kita maging girlfriend?' Sabi ko naman, 'Ha? Uh...' Tapos tumawag siya. Hindi ko alam ang isasagot ko! Tapos pinatay ko, tapos sabi niya, 'Okay lang naman kung ayaw mo eh, sabihin mo.' Tapos, sabi ko, 'Teka.' Tapos tinext ko siya ulit. 'Busy lang ako kanina.' Tapos text lang ako nang text. Tapos iyon na, doon na nagsimula.”

No Second Thoughts And Standing Ground

Aguilar is unyielding in stressing that he will stand by his love for “babe”.

“Ang naramdaman ko sa kanya, mahal ko siya, kahit pa sabihin mong 16,” he said in the interview.

Furthermore, the singer said that he has never, even once, thought about backing out of the relationship because of the huge age gap.

“Ni hindi ko nga naisip na umatras eh. Ang naisip ko lang, 'Anong magagawa ko, nandito na 'to eh, na-inlove na ako eh.'” he said.

Nonetheless, he also said in the interview that he properly talked “babe’s” parents about their relationship.

“Nararapat lang 'yon, kasi menor de edad siya. Kung 'di ko ipapaalam 'yon, pangit ang dating sa magulang niya 'yon,” he said.

According to him, he told “babe” that they were going to talk to her parents to ask permission for their relationship.

“Kailangan malaman nila, at sa'tin mismo manggaling, hindi kung saan-saan pa manggaling,” he said he told his girlfriend.

Aguilar also remained unwavering amid the scathing comments people have been posting online about the relationship between the Freddie and his “babe”.

“Hindi ko alam kung may nilalabag akong batas. Kung meron man, ewan ko kung masasakop ng batas ang puso ko,” he said.

Furthermore, he even likened fighting for his love to singing banned songs during the martial law era of the country.

He said, “nung Batas Militar din, ipinagbabawal ng batas ang mga kinakanta ko, pero kinakanta ko parin. Pwede nga akong mamatay nung mga panahon na 'yon eh, pero hindi na sakop ng Batas Militar ang puso ko eh.”

As for “babe”, she admitted that she is affected by the comments being made about their relationship. However, it’s not how you think she is affected.

“Tao ako eh, hindi ako manhid…so masakit,” she told Dumaual.

She also will not give up that easy and appears to be steadfast in her love for the singer.

“Pero hindi ako nasasaktan sa mga komento nila eh, na kesyo ganito, ganito, ganito. Nasasaktan ako sa realidad ng buhay na baka isang araw, 'yung relasyon namin ay masira dahil sa mga isyu na gano'n - 'yun lang,” she said.

Wedding Plans

The couple also talked about a future wedding. According to them, they will wed in two years’ time.

“Sobra, as in. As in mahal ko siya. Hindi ko masabi kung gaano, kasi walang limitasyon ang pag-ibig eh,” “babe” said about her love for Aguilar.

“Basta mahal ko siya, iyon 'yun. As in, sobra,” she stressed.

Why does she love Aguilar? According to her, there are many reasons.

One is that he is “mabait” and another is because Aguilar, according to her, is “makulit”.

Furthermore, “babe” says that she loves being taught by Aguilar what is “right”. She said: “yung mga mali ko, kino-correct niya. Minsan naiinis ako… Pero 'yun ang maganda sa kanya, kasi tinuturo niya sa akin ang tama.”

She said she loves Aguilar because of that.

In the face of this apparently strong love for each other, the two are already discussing getting married.

Asked by Dumaual about this, Aguilar joked that he wants to get married in two years if “babe” does not change her mind.

“Medyo maganda-ganda na ang takbo ng utak niya no'n, 18 na siya no'n eh. Baka malay mo, bukas, magising 'to, mauntog 'to, magbago isip nito,” he said.

According to Aguilar, he wants to marry his girlfriend in church but they both have discussed getting married in a civil ceremony.

As for “babe” she admitted she is still not yet there when it comes to marrying.

“Medyo, pero hindi pa gano'n kahanda. Kulang pa. Hindi pa sapat,” she said.

We guess she has two years then to make up her mind.

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Ka Freddie’s 16yo GF Professes Love: “Basta Love Ko Siya, iyon ‘yon.”

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