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New ‘Zuma’ Is Bad In Acting Department According To ‘Galema’ Crew

There is an unexpected trouble in the set of ABS-CBN series ‘Galema: Anak ni Zuma.’ According to reports the production of the show from the directors to other members of the crew are having a hard time dealing with ‘Zuma’ played by newcomer and model-turned actor Derick Hubalde.

It is not that Derick already has attitude problem. He is also very professional, coming to the taping on time. What is wrong with him is something that could turn out to be a great gamble for the show’s directors. That is because no matter how nice and how pleasant he is on the set, those positive traits could not make up for his supposedly bad acting.

Yes, the newcomer is reportedly becoming a headache to the show’s director, Wenn Deramas. According to insiders, in one instance, Wenn had a really hard time instructing Derick to do an important scene. After many takes, Wenn reportedly gave up because he could not get the shot he wanted.

Passing the job to another

That was when Wenn decided to take a break and give up. He reportedly instructed his assistant director to take care of that scene. But after several takes, the assistant director also gave up. The two directors could attest that they are having a very hard time directing the new actor, who could not deliver even simple scenes.

But the story did not end there. According to reports, the assistant director became so exhilarated and frustrated that he came to the point of humiliating the poor Derick. Sources claimed that the assistant director had exclaimed that the new actor probably could not act well as a result of his use of steroids.

Zuma cries

This reportedly offended Derick, who just went to a corner, remained mum, and cried. That could be the reason why it is noticeable that ‘Zuma’ does not have enough scenes in the series. According to insiders, the two directors of the show have sent Derick to an acting workshop.

This is because he has a very important role in the TV series. It may also be possible that he would be replaced by a better actor. Or the writers of the show could just decide to kill Zuma’s character in the series. Unfortunately, Derick should do his part well and try to do better quickly as he is part of a show along with superior actors.

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New ‘Zuma’ is Bad in Acting Department According to ‘Galema’ Crew

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