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James Yap's Girlfriend Clarifies Marriage Rumors

James Yap's girlfriend Italian Michela Cazzola clarified the issue that she recently told a reporter they might get married next year. This was after the basketball star denied in an earlier interview that he is already planning to propose to Michela.

They have only been together for almost a year, but Michela's last interview led some to believe that she is thinking of settling down with the basketball star already. James has just recently annulled his marriage with presidential sister Kris Aquino.

Michela said she was just being sarcastic when she answered that question. It's like saying "one day, who knows?," she said.

Of course, she is thinking of something long-term for her and James since that's the reason why they spend so much time together. At the same time, she enjoys being a part of his life, and they just take it easy.

Michela, a secretariat specialist at the Asian Development Bank of the Philippines, said that their relationship and whatever it may lead to must "come naturally." She shared that she and James laughed about the marriage rumors since it was taken out of context.

James, for his part, said they are just enjoying their "steady" relationship.

Michela has yet to be comfortable with the attention being given to her and her relationship with the basketball star. However, she is slowly getting used to it, and believes she should use media to clarify erroneous reports being made about them as a couple.

She doesn't mind the media now, and said she will just answer the questions as truthfully as possible.

Asked if she already met James' son, Bimby, the ADB official said she hasn't had the chance yet. Further prodded, she immediately clammed up and decided not to comment much about the issue. She said she never asked James about Bimby because it is something very personal to him.

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James Yap's Girlfriend Clarifies Marriage Rumors

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