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Claudine Barretto Says She Isn’t An ‘Unfit Mother’

Claudine Barretto wants everybody to know that she is not an “unfit mother”.

This remark was made by the beset actress in reaction to how she sees her estranged husband Raymart Santiago is portraying him to the public.

“I am not the unfit mother they try to picture me,” Barretto told The Philippine Daily Inquirer in an interview.

As proof of this, she described her children which she cares for.

“The reality is that my children are thriving under my care. Sabina, my older child, is a straight A student; Santino has an average of 94.7,” she said.

Furthermore, she stressed that her kids are “healthy, happy and well-adjusted” even though they may have to deal with family problems.

Nonetheless, the mother said that she feels sad because of all the developments in her family’s situation over the past month.

She says she feels sad but believes that things will pass and that “after the rain comes sunshine”.

What keeps her going, you ask? She says she tells her future self that the scars she will have in the future all have their own stories to tell and that she will be through the worst and have survived.

She admits, however, that she is not perfect.

She said that she has played a lot of roles and most of them have underlying characters of a strong and determined woman. “But in real life, of course, I am far from perfect; I have made mistakes and I cannot always be the kind of idealized person I play in my movies,” she said.

Meanwhile, Barretto said that she is “sad and hurt” that his family is now divided.

Saying she has always put her family above everything else, she noted that having siblings who are fighting her makes her said.

Nonetheless, she noted that she needs to be strong for her kids. Furthermore, she said that she “also have my faith to turn to, and being a Christian who follows the Bible, I draw strength from the story of Job, who weathered the storms of life to reach better days.”

She also mentioned that knowing she has the support of her fans help her through these times.

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Claudine Barretto Says She Isn’t An ‘Unfit Mother’

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